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Let’s face it: It’s easy to block the flow of your energy and get stuck in struggle mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually in today’s high-stress, high-speed world.  

From stumbling out of bed tired in the morning to tossing and turning in bed at night unable to sleep - it's not always easy to recover depleted energy reserves. Even watching the news or talking with friends, family or colleagues can be draining if it’s all about drama and suffering.  

Not to mention things like worry, self-judgment, negative thinking, and all the everyday stuff that adds more tension to your life.

These situations and many more like them can rapidly rob you of health and happiness which can leave you feeling anxious, drained and overwhelmed.  

You may even feel like it's hard to unwind and relax. It all adds up really fast.  

But most of these things are not the real reason why your life may feel like it's a struggle. It's the hidden forces of your mind and habits that gets in the way.

The good news is that you can eliminate burnout and restore balance to your life so that you can enjoy more of your time, health, relationships and freedom.  

You can get to deal with everyday stress and tension with ease and grace.  

You can also get more done with less effort because your mind-fog disappears and it gets easier to make decisions and take actions.  

When your energy levels are consistently high then everything else starts to fall into place including your health and happiness.  

Then, as life sends you curveballs you have the mental and physical resources to handle them efficiently and effectively.  

You can permanently shift the quality of your life and the impact you have in it – not tomorrow, but right now.  

That’s exactly what my online group coaching program, Boundless Energy, is all about. 

Making the shift from blocked to balanced will free up your energy to move confidently throughout all areas of your life.  

There’s nothing else quite like this program out there as it gets to the root of the energetic blocks in your life that have been holding you back from living your greatness.  

When you feel like life is weighing you down, the wisdom and tools you’ll learn in this 4-week coaching program will turn everything around INSTANTLY!  


  • 5 Live Weekly Group Zoom Calls (which are recorded and can be downloaded)
  • A systematically guided process to help you shift energetic blocks from your life so that you can experience your greatness and live the life you were meant to live 
  • Powerful tools to help you release blocks to happiness, health, confidence and a clear sense of direction in life
  • Tools to help you focus better, reduce stress & anxiety, improve energy levels and feel better about yourself
  • A Private Program Facebook Group - Exlusive access to all course content and myself to have all your questions answered. This is where all your downloads will be as well as on-going scoaching and accountability. 
  • If you miss a week or two thats okay as everything is ecorded and there's also a PDF review of each session so you can follow at your own pace

Here's what we will be covering

Week 1 - Become Fulfilled From The Inside-Out

Are you focusing on what matters most in your life daily so that you are always feeling happy and fulfilled on the inside? So many people get caught up in chasing goals and dreams that they lose sight of what is important to their heart and soul. During this week we'll help you to clarify your core values and show you a way to work with them so that you can be intentionally happy and fulfilled every single day. 

Week 2 - Make Peace With Your Inner Judge  

Judgment is one of the main reasons that you struggle to feel good and shine your light as bright as possible. That's the voice in your head that is always telling you what you 'should' or 'shouldn't be doing. It is always there and will hold you back from becoming he best version of yourself if you don't learn how to become the master of it. We'll show you how to make peace with your inner judge and allow your true voice (the authentic you) to come shining through so that you can think, speak and live your tre potential.

Week 3 - Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions

Your emotions play a big part in your happiness, health and vibrancy in life. All too often we end up supressing or trying to avoid our negative emotions which is never a healthy option. You'll discover how to connect with ANY emotion and use the energy of it to TRANSFORM and EMPOWER your life. Imagine never being afraid to get angry, cry or feel negative again because ou have the tools and knowldege of how to work with them, rather than be a victim of them.

Week 4 - Optimize Your Health & Energy 

The real secret to having all the energy you need to feel good and be productive without being fatigued or burning out is how you take care of your body and how easily you can neutralize stress. You'll learn how to heal your body from the inside-out while releasing energetic blocks that may beholding you back from optimal health and vibrancy.  

Week 5 - Moving Into Presence

One of the most powerful ways to feel totally alive and free is to be more grounded in the present moment. When we are stuck in guilt or regret of the past, or worried about some mythical future that may never happen then we miss the joy of being here now. During this week you will learn the tools to rapidly drop into the present moment so that you can enjoy increased confidence, clarity, creativity and intuition. 

Kim Steele

I have loved being part of the group doing the Boundless Energy four week course of which Michael has been so generous in adding another week. I have not participated live but watched the replays and made pages and pages of notes. My biggest takeaways would be figuring out what my top six values are and how to more align my life to these values. Another biggie was the inner critic and not judging our judgements. Michael is such an awesome coach and has so much wisdom that he is happy to share and just a beautiful human being. I have learnt so much and have so much to build on. I love learning in this way. I highly recommend doing Michael’s courses. Thank you for your generous spirit Michael.

 - Kim Steele Melbourne, Australia  

Wallace Gifford

Michael always provides very high value programs in which he consistently over delivers in value. I love that he presents his material in an organized and structured fashion that is so simple to absorb and easy to apply. Michael’s insights and tools have helped me to improve both my personal life and my business activities in an abundance of ways. If you’re thinking about doing any of Michael’s programs then I highly recommend you go ahead and take the opportunity as you won’t be disappointed.

- Wallace Gifford Auckland, New Zealand  

Natalie Marie

The Boundless Energy course has built upon what I had already learnt in theory, but had not fully grasped in practice. I can honestly say that this course has changed my life completely in the short amount of time that I have been engaged with it. Everything seems to be sinking in as layering of new beliefs and expanded perspectives, as I rewire my brain with Michaels gentle tools for long lasting change. Michael Atma has clearly amassed a great wealth of life experience as well as a lifetime of self exploration, which he shares candidly throughout the course. He is a walking demonstration of the great strength that can be found in living your truth with zero attachment or judgement. I have laughed and cried aplenty. It's authenticity at its finest. I liked the opportunity to share with a group as well, and build trust in this way. Personally I would encourage doing both the Sleep Course and the Boundless Energy course consecutively as I have done, because for me the process has gradually opened the closed cocoon I felt like I was trapped in. The subtle shifts have allowed me to relax and learn how to embody who I am without my egoic stories. 'The journey continues...' 

- Natalie Marie Chachoengsao, Thailand  

When you join the Boundless Energy group coaching program you will open your mind, body and spirit to a higher way of living. By higher, I mean a more aligned version of yourself that is not bogged down by so much energetic baggage from the past. Energetic baggage looks like limiting and negative beilefs, thinking, unresolved issues from the past and hidden wounds. The things that happen to you in the past never go away. They either hold you back from your greatness or you change your relationship with them so that any power they had over you gets dissolved.  

There's two ways to dissolve these energies. The first is to love on them and the second is to release the pain. Both ways work and during this program you'll learn how to do both. Instead of feeling like you are overwhelmed you will feel peaceful, and instead of pain or stuck you will feel joy and momentum. These powerful transformations will result from you finally releasing the blocks to being the best version of yourself and connecting to your deepest source of personal power in order to show up for life and live your BEST life ever!

Nicola McDonald

4 weeks into the boundless energy course & I’m feeling motivated with everything I’ve learnt. When I started the sleep challenge I’d had insomnia & struggling with my adrenal fatigue. Now after putting Michael’s techniques in place from both courses my anxiety levels are down, I make sleeping a priority & as my number 1 value is getting my health in order I’m changing my diet drastically but that’s due to the books I’m reading by the medical medium which is a direction I took upon myself from the guidance of this course to make my health my number one goal. To sum it all up I’ve never felt better + I’ve more energy which was the the main aim that I wanted to achieve with this course, but I also came away with much more than I ever expected. Thank you !

- Nicola McDonald Sydney, Australia  

Sue Porubsky

I took Michael's month workshop, "Boundless Energy." It totally changed my outlook on my life and which direction to go. Michael is such a good teacher, doing virtual group sessions weekly, that included meditations, group support, and letting each person ask for his personal advice and wisdom. He is very caring and will explain until you understand the topic that we were working on. I live in the USA, there is a big time difference, Michael worked it out with the group so we could all be on the computer at the same time. During this workshop and after, Michael is always available to ask questions or solve problems. Something in the universe gravitated me to him, he is a strong presence in my life right now until I finish finding out my existence. If he had another workshop, I would definatly do it!! I ❤ you Michael your the best!  

- Sue Grala Porubsky Toms River, USA  

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A Little Bit About Me

Michael Atma

Michael Atma has been actively involved in meditation and transformation work since 1997, first as a way to help cope with debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, then as a student to a number of meditation and personal development teachers, and finally as a teacher himself who had now found his mission and purpose in life.  

Michael has travelled the world sharing his passion for empowering, inspiring and educating people to discover what’s holding them back so that they can live the life of their dreams. He shares his teachings through inspirational books, video’s, programs and workshops.  

Michael’s latest book, ‘Master Your Mindspace’, became a #1 best seller on Amazon and he has recently launched his popular meditation and mindfulness app, Meditation Dojo, which teaches people how to enjoy a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life just 5-minutes a day. He is also an avid student and teacher of Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art known as the Art of Peace that helps people to handle confrontation from a centered and relaxed space. 

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