Power Up Your Purpose & Change Lives

If your purpose in life is to make the world a better place by helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, and you are passionate about coaching, meditation & therapeutic breathwork then you're in the right place!


EVOLVE is a 6-month program for conscious leaders who have the passion to coach, teach & inspire through one-on-one sessions, groups, workshops, or live-events, but don't know how.

This certified coach and instructor training program is something that you have never experienced before. It's based on a proven coaching blueprint that you can follow combined with therapeutic breathwork techniques as well as a complete meditation, mindfulness & mind training program.

1. Becoming a Results & Intuitive Coach

First, you’ll study the results based coaching framework and system developed by Michael Atma. This accredited program gives you the exact training they need in order to excel as a coach and be confident to work either one-to-one or one-to-many.

2. Becoming a Meditation & Breathwork Instructor

Next, you’ll learn how to deepen your own meditation and breathwork practice as well as being able to confidently teach it to others. You'll know dozens of meditation and breathwork methods by the end of the course.

3. Launching Your First (Or Next) Course

Finally, dive into the nuts and bolts of getting your first clients or launching your first (or next) course. You’ll learn marketing funnel basics, administrative and record-keeping tasks, clarifying your message and determining your fee structures.



We believe in a ripple effect of empowering others to activate and own their greatness and live a life that they are truly inspired by through our visionary coaches and instructors who are leading the way. We are only interested in working with those people who are ready to make an impact and are completely obsessed with leaving the world and people better than when they arrived.

Learn Everything You Need to Start Coaching Clients, Facilitate Your Own Meditation & Breathwork Sessions, and to Launch Your First or Next Online Course

EVOLVE is a unique experience combining results and intuitive based coaching, scientifically proven meditation methods, therapeutic breathwork techniques, and movement and subconscious reprogramming methods.

Founder of EVOLVE, Michael Atma, has been studying and teaching meditation for over 25 years including to crowds of up to 2,000 people. He has also coached men and women from all walks of life including CEOs, business owners, parents, teachers, leaders, visionary's, groups, teams and so much more.

He has also written four books on personal and spiritual development including his latest best-selling book, "Master Your Mindspace."

As a Coach

You will get the exclusive knowledge, wisdom, process and tools of coaching hundreds of people on a personal and professional level direct from Michael Atma in the world-class curriculum that has been author-developed.

As a Breathwork Instructor

You will be trained using an online platform that is second to none. This certified program will give you all the science, tools, process, and support so that you can confidently facilitate your own breathwork workshops and take your clients deep into their inner self.

Michael does not run this program himself as he has an affiliation with SOMA Breath which means you will get the best of the best in breathwork training.

As a Meditation Instructor

You will learn directly from Michael through in-depth prerecorded videos, PDFs, assignments and practice sessions. PLUS you will get to interact with your peers and Michael himself during live group calls.

This will ensure that you get through the training quickly and with ease while learning in an immersive group experience from the comfort of your home.


You will have systems to follow to attract your ideal customers so that you can work one-on-one with them or run your first or next online course.

You will know exactly WHAT mindset and habits lead to growing a successful business and you get the feedback and support to grow with clarity and confidence.

Here's the BEST NEWS of All

You can choose to do ALL of the certificates (Coaching, Meditation and Breathwork) - OR - you can do any combination of them even if it's just one or two of the certificate programs.

This means if you just want to become a coach - you can apply for that. If you just want to be a meditation instructor - you can apply for that. Or, you can do any combination of them you like.

This really is a one-stop-shop for all your coaching and instructor needs where you get to decide what level of training you'd like to get started with.

You can always add-on additional training later if you're not quite ready to immerse yourself into the entire syllabus.


You're ready to step into your destiny as you've felt for a while that you're here TO make an IMPACT... You're meant for something MORE

NOW is your time.
NOW is your future.

"Everything has shifted in my business...I’ve already doubled the investment I made in this course... I feel like I have so much clarity now around WHO I am, WHAT my message is and HOW to go about living the life I've always dreamed of."

- Kim Reed | Newark, New Jersey -

"I was so excited to get my first two coaching even before I had finished the program! Now I feel ready to go out and OWN my worth, set my prices and get started on my first online program. I even have people waiting to join a course I tested out while training!"

- Sara McKenzie | Miami, Florida -

"I can’t thank you enough Michael for this amazing, insightful and empowering program. I've gone from hiding in the shadows wanting to help people to running my first online group coaching program where I actually got paid what I was worth."  

- Jane Coleman | Auckland, New Zealand -

David Coombes

"Michael always provides very high-value programs in which he consistently over-delivers in value. I love that he presents his material in an organized and structured fashion that is so simple to absorb and easy to apply. Michael’s insights and tools have helped me to improve both my personal life and my business activities in an abundance of ways"

- David Caldwell | Melbourne, Victoria -

"Michael's program totally changed how I showed up in my life and what direction to go in. Michael is such a good teacher, doing virtual group sessions that included meditations, coaching, group support, and letting each person ask for his personal advice and wisdom. He is very thorough and will explain until you understand the topic that we were working on."

- Lydia Holder | Montreal, Canada -

"There’s a surety to my decision making and a deeper presence and trust in my life after completing Michael’s program."

- Ash Perrow | Sydney, Australia -

EVOLVE is a powerful process that amplifies your passion and purpose in life!

This is for you if...

+ You have a burning desire to make an even bigger impact in the world through coaching, meditation or breathwork (or all 3)

+ You're obsessed with helping others but you've been not quite sure who you're meant to be working with or HOW you will deliver results

+ You have a clear vision of what you want to do but haven't quite yet worked out HOW to implement it

+ You're tired of not getting paid what your truly worth or for helping to build someone else's dream while yours sit on the sidelines

+ You've already done a ton of courses yet you still are confident enough to call yourself a coach or a teacher, let alone launch your first or next online program

+ You valued freedom in your life and know that to truly embody this that it's time for you to step up as a leader especially as a coach and teacher of meditation or breathwork

+ You work best if you have a proven process to follow and the support to integrate and implement what you are learning into your life and business

AND at the end of our time together...

You will be a CERTIFIED coach, meditation and SOMA breathwork instructor, be ready to launch your first or next online course, have major upgrades in mindset, have the SYSTEMS to coach or teach one-to-one or one-to-many and be the EMBODIMENT of a leader who THRIVES.



We offer a truly unique program that includes training heart-centered coaches and instructors who can work with individuals or groups while making a high impact in the world.

You get the very best of personal mentoring to ensure you continue to succeed long after the training stops while putting you in the driver's seat of your business and lifestyle. Not to mention the post-graduation support, sales and marketing support, business training and so much more.


Get the exclusive knowledge, wisdom, and experience of coaching & teaching thousands of people from all walks of life direct from Michael Atma in the world-class curriculum based on proven coaching principles and ancient + modern meditation & breathwork practices


80% of our success at anything is our mindset. Get this right and then everything else falls into place. You'll be taught the mindset of an entrepreneur and what it takes to be a business owner. This is where we tap into your deepest "why' and true vision to make an impact


You can be fully accredited by the Association for Coaching and TRACCERT. We’re also official members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. All of our students become members of the Association for Coaching. We also provide an exclusive assisted scheme for those who seek individual coach accreditation upon graduation.


Michael's Launch Your Course segment includes business training modules to help you get clients and be crystal clear about how to attract your ideal customers, find out what they need, know what to charge, and then deliver it to them using an online platform.


Tap into a huge collection of over 50 of Michael's favorite coaching and meditation tools and templates for your coaching and meditation sessions right inside your members portal. Access them anytime you need them. You also get this with SOMA breath as well.


Imagine a space for you to grow into the best coach and instructor you can be. Our community open to all students, graduates, mentors, and supervisors for networking, contemplative learning, and lifetime connections will be your companion along the way.



Our vision is to have a world-wide group of visionary leaders in the fields of coaching and instructing who are changing the lives of 10 million people one breath and meditation at a time. For this to happen we need to be the example for you so that you get to embody the wisdom and tools that we teach. As Albert Einstein said...

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” 

As a member of Evolve, our commitment to you is exactly that. We will inspire you to awaken your inner creative genius by holding a vision of you as stepping into your greatness as a coach and teacher. We also commit to helping you get results.

"I always struggled to set my fees and get clients until I started working with Michael. I've already got 3 potential clients in the pipeline and 2 just signed on... just a few months ago I would have struggled to even ask for money, let alone feel good about it now!"  

- Dianna Frey | London, UK -

"Everything started to shift in my business while I was doing the course. Michael helped me to finally see where fear had been holding me back and since then I have doubled my prices and created a high-end program that's already got people signed up for it."

- Rachel Hanson | Perth, WA -


We’d love to welcome you into the EVOLVE Certification Coach and Instructor School. Our knowledgeable and friendly enrollment advisors will help you assess whether our program is the right choice for you.

If you've read this far the chances are that your intuition has guided you to this exact moment in time because a part of you knows that you are READY to take the NEXT EVOLUTIONARY step in your life and career...

NOW is always the right time to follow your spirit.
If your intuition is nudging you forward then let's have a no-obligation chat