However... here's the good news! 

The Integrate Mentorship Program is currently closed to new students. However, enrollments open twice per year. If you would like to be notified the next time the course opens to new students, please complete the form below. 


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"I’m loving this group, your teachings, your knowledge, your wisdom, your kindness and your love! I’m looking forward to learning more and more from you! Thank you for all you do!"

- Lisa Fields, Melbourne, AUS

"It’s like having a virtual coach, friend and community all the time. Michael's membership program is full of positive and loving energy that helps me take actions that get me my desired results!.

- David Coombes, London, UK

David Coombes

"What is the Integrate Mentorship Program and how can it help me?"

Integrate is designed for those who are looking for lasting transformation that helps to bridge the gap from where you are in your life right now to where you want to be. If you feel like you're "done with online courses" but you're still determined to take your health, relationships, career, finances or even your spiritual awakening to the next level, a coaching program is absolutely essential. And Integrate is your chance to immerse yourself with a group of extraordinary leaders and visionaries who will push you, support you, and lift you up like never before!

Integrate Coaching Program isn't an event... It's a month-by-month experience!

The promise of Integrate Coaching is simple: to activate SELF-MASTERY in ALL areas of your life... to catapult you past your comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibility and quantum growth. And although breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting change takes time.

Members of Integrate get access to...

  • Daily support & accountability inside our intimate Facebook Group
  • Quarterly challenges
  • Monthly coaching calls and hot seats
  • Weekly guidance with quick video tutorials
  • Private Facebook community group
  • Expert Interviews
  • Bonus motivational and topical video's
  • Special limited-time pricing
  • Zero risk! If Integrate Coaching Program doesn't transform your life, cancel at anytime 

All strategically designed to effectively support you for a TRANSFORMATIONAL Year in 2020! 

The INTEGRATE COACHING PROGRAM is only going to open for a short time and Spots will be Limited!

In this monthly mentorship, I'm sharing all my tools, strategies and secrets to rapid transformation (and getting unstuck) in the one place. I share what I am currently learning and applying in real time as both a student and a teacher to many (I’m studying with some of the best life and spiritual mentors in the world!) and invite you to journey alongside me and a powerful group of like-minded and highly inspirational people to step into your greatness with us!  

And it is for this reason admission into the Integrate Coaching Program is only going to be availabe for a short-time once the doors are opened again.

What to Expect:

  • More clarity and what's important to you and where to get started
  • How to better results with less effort
  • A proven success path to follow
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • New empowering habits 
  • More happiness and joy
  • Make deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life
  • To develop your own successful meditation practice
  • Real-life tools that work

Who is Right Fit for the Integrate Coaching Program?

The Integrate Coaching Program is not right for everyone. Here are a few ideas and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

The Integrate Coaching Program is RIGHT for YOU if you're:

  • An emerging thought leader, coach, entrepreneur, healer or lifestyle enthusiast whose looking to make a big leap forward in 2020 (and beyond)!
  • Prepared to take yourself to the next level of success and impact in your life!
  • Finally ready to shift your life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with ease and grace!
  • Sick and tired of playing small and feeling like you're stuck in a holding pattern in your life!
  • Able to work and play well with others (within a safe and secure container of like-minded extraordinary people)!
  • Willing to be open, coachable and vulnerable!

"Great! What are the next steps?!"

Simply fill in your details in the form below to join the WAITLIST and be the first to know when our Membership doors are open again!


Entery your details below to join the WAITLIST and be the first to know when our membership doors are open again!

"Joining Michael Atma's Group Coaching Porgram was the single most impactful experience of the last 8 years of my life.

I feel like a new person! I'm more connected to myself and where I am headed in life. My dreams have grown bigger, my relationships with people are on a whole new level and I feel like I have had a complete rebirth in just a few short months."

Thanks Michael!"

- Anna Fuller, California, USA

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