Sleep Upgrade


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5 Simple Tools For Better Sleep and More Energy in just 5 Days! 

In this totally 5 Day Workshop, I’ll show you: 

  •  How to prepare yourself for a good nights sleep from the moment you wake up!
  •  Why not everyone needs the same amount of sleep and how to work out whats RIGHT for you! 
  •  Seven simple sleep hacks and practices to use to optimize your sleep environment. 
  •  The difference between quality and quantitiy sleep and why it matters 
  •  What to do if you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep.
  •  The POWER of dreams and why they are an important part of sleep! 
  •  That you too have the tools for better sleep to use whenever you need to.

After 5 days you will have the principal components of how to tailor your lifestyle to achieve optimal sleep!

Michael Atma

About Your Better Sleep Coach:  

Michael Atma is a multi-passionate, heart centered, transformational thought leader who is ready to help you take serious ACTION to upgrade quality of sleep and your life. Having been involve in meditation and transformation work since 1997, first as a way to help cope with debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, then as a student to a number of meditation and personal development teachers, and finally as a teacher himself who has worked with thousands of people through his inpirational books, video's, programs and workshops.  

Michael has coached and mentored thousands of people around the world in living a happier, healhier and most fulfilling life possible - and he wants to do that for you! In this 5 Day Workshop, you’ll learn the power of getting great sleep to upgrade YOUR LIFE as well as PROVEN strategies you can utilize to immediately improve the qualiy of your sleep.  

This is what it brought to others:

"This came at the perfect time for me as I really needed some help to get to sleep and stay asleep. Surprisingly, a simple breathing technique has made all the difference. If you're having troubles with your sleep then I highly recommend doing Michael's sleep Workshop."

Nadine Reed Newark, New Jersey

" Thank you Michae! It´s only day 2 and I am already amazed by all the value you deliver!! Really THANK YOU SO MUCH! Gonna apply day 2 now. y body has a rhythm of waking up after 6 or 7h. "

Lydia Holder Belin, Germany 

"I had the best sleep last night. I woke up once at 2am for toilet stop and within 30 mins I was asleep. I woke up at 6.30 am feeling quite refreshed. Gladstone, QLD."

Anna Williams Gladsone, QLD

"Thanks to the sleep workshop, I finally figured out how I can feel comfortable going to sleep. Before this, I was so used to insomnia I expected it every time I went to bed. I'm so grateful for Michael and tools he shared."  

Irene Fossey Sydney, Australia

David Coombes

"Best sleep ever last night. I regularly meditate anyway so didn’t use supplied meditation but what a difference not focussing your mind on making sure you get to sleep makes in actually getting to sleep!

David Coombes Adeaide, SA 

"I have spent some time today thinking about the impact this week has had. I am truly grateful to have participated in this wonderful challenge. Over the last year I have realised how I have created many years of illness/fatigue triggered by an incident which gutted me, & to this day I can't comprehend.... but the main thing was that I didn't know how to handle it. Thanks Michael for all you have done to guide me to help myself. I would, & will recommend this challenge to anyone."

Suzie Borwell Woombye, QLD

During the 5 Day Workshop, you will receive: 


Each day of the 5 Day Workshop, You'll download a daily assignment to complete. Your homework will be short, sweet, and specifically designed to give you clarity around improving your sleep patterns.  

Your increased sleep will help you to feel good & play good in your everyday ife.


Get instant access to replays of daily video training for each day that was recorded during live sessions can be streamed or downloaded on demand. 

Many of your questions will be answered during these sessions and the Q&A sessions that followed. 


At the end of the 5 days you will have learned the foundations of Optimal sleep to impove your Health, Energy and Mind.  

This course will also cover the the main components of how to tailor your everyday life to achieve optimal sleep and energy.

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We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you decide The 5 Days To Better Sleep Workshop isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full. 


The 5 Days To Better Sleep Workshop is a one-of-a-kind radical experience of learning to take-back control of your mind, body, energy and sleep patterns. It's like the Pandora's box of sleep tools to help you tailor your lifestyle to achieve optimal sleep. Join me now. You’ll be mesmerized from the moment you press play.