Michael Atma Mission

I have been actively involved in meditation and transformation work since 1997, first as a way to help cope with debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, then as a student to a number of meditation and personal development teachers, and finally as a teacher myself who had now found his mission and purpose in life.

I have travelled the world sharing my passion for empowering, inspiring and educating people to discover what’s holding them back so that they can live the life of their dreams. I share my teachings through inspirational books, video’s, programs and workshops.

My latest book, ‘Master Your Mindspace’, became a #1 best seller on Amazon and I recently launched my popular meditation and mindfulness app, Meditation Dojo, which teaches people how to enjoy a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life just 5-minutes a day.

I am also an avid student and teacher of Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art known as the Art of Peace that helps people to handle confrontation from a calm and assertive space of awareness.


True freedom is not about what you do, how much money you have, or even how much confidence you have… it’s about who you are. It’s who you are underneath any limiting beliefs and patterns that gives you a life that’s rich, full and satisfying. When you have a connection with yourself that is centered in love and acceptance then nothing that the world throws at you is too hard to handle. In fact, it helps you to prosper and grow.

In my coaching programs, I help you to align your mind, body and spirit. I teach you how to embrace those parts of you that are in doubt or conflict, and to use the power of thoughts and emotions, even negative ones, to rise up in your life. You’ll also discover how to trust your intuition with more depth and clarity while elevating your creativity to new levels of brilliance. Ultimately, your relationship with yourself and how you relate to the world around you will change so that whatever you dreamed your life could be can be made real.

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