Why I Do What I Do…

The very heart of my life’s work is empowering others to activate and own their greatness and expand in all areas of their life. I am on a mission to find the deepest truth of my being so that whatever I share with others elicits a remembrance of their own inner wisdom and truth.

“Everything about you is okay if you don’t judge it. Just for today, give yourself permission to be 100% true to yourself and see what happens. Listen to what’s in your heart and not your head. Life is but a blink of an eye so why waste time trying to please others or do the ‘right’ thing. Instead, please yourself and do what’s true for you.” – Michael Atma”

As a child growing up in Darwin I always felt invisible. My parents had a tense and disconnected relationship and it felt like I was never heard, so I withdrew and became introverted, preferring to read books on my own than interact with other people. My father was in the police force and often moved around, so there was the added problem of having no stability and little chance to make any real friends. By ten years old I was questioning whether I’d been dropped in from outer space. I had no communication skills or ability to connect with people my age and always felt like an outsider.

When I reached high school I had no clue what path I wanted to follow, although I excelled in every subject and had a natural thirst for learning, which came from reading so many books as a child. My father urged me to get a job and settle down so I worked to fund my own further education. This was not sustainable and led to me giving up on studying.

Over a seven year period it took 27 different careers before I found one I could sink my teeth into. This was working for an international airline where I moved up the ranks and was being groomed for senior management. Although I cruised through my 20’s in what most people would consider a successful career, because of my highly paid, jet-setting lifestyle with many international friends, I was not happy. Deep down I knew there was something missing in my life.

Then one day everything collapsed around me. The company downsized and I was retrenched with a payout that didn’t sustain me for long. My expensive lifestyle meant I had no savings, no home, my girlfriend left me and my confidence was shattered. I went from hero to zero in my mind.

The ensuing panic attacks, insomnia and severe anxiety was debilitating. I had the realisation that I’d hit the bottom of the barrel, had nowhere to go, no hope and no future. I knew this is where people would either collapse and fall or rise up, and there was a part of me that refused to be a victim, so I chose the latter. 

This meant starting off blind and floundering in the dark, but a sympathetic friend paid for me to go with her to a four week personal development course with a world-renowned trainer. Although I was sceptical at first, by the end of this course my thinking had changed. We studied meditation, mindset, and changed our limiting beliefs which allowed me to make changes really quickly. In fact, I went on to volunteer with this company as an assistant to learn more about this work and stay in their positive energy.

It was the meditation which really drew me in. Within six weeks my anxiety and panic attacks had disappeared, something which changed my life. My confidence returned as my daily meditations brought feelings of calm and conviction that I could do anything without limitations.

Intuition and synchronicity led me on a ten year world-wide adventure that unleashed my true potential. I lived in ashrams and monasteries studying with some of the world’s greatest meditation teachers, spiritual leaders and mindfulness experts, deep diving into meditation on a level most people would never get to experience. They helped me step into my greatness and become my most authentic self, which has inspired me to pay it forward.

During that time, meditation helped me to unlock my inner genius and creativity, and awaken my inner entrepreneur. This led me to starting up and running a successful business where for seven years I engaged in coaching, meditation and personal development training. I also wrote my first successful book which was a best seller and travelled the world teaching seminars and workshops.

This expanded into seven businesses, some becoming 7-figure businesses, and three of which still exist today. For over 17 years I have been actively involved in personal development and meditation practices. Creating meaningful shifts in people’s lives and inspiring others to step into their own personal greatness is now my soul’s deepest passion. 

I have also thrown myself into transformation through the Japanese martial art of Aikido, otherwise known as The Art of Peace. I am both a student and a teacher of Aikido, guiding others on how to handle life’s ups and downs with a calm yet assertive space of awareness.

My latest book, Master Your Mindspace, is a #1 best-seller on Amazon, and I have now launched my popular meditation and mindfulness app, Meditation Dojo, which is designed to facilitate confident, clear-cut changes in people’s lives in just 5-minutes a day.

I know from experience that everyone has the potential for greatness and sometimes a little guidance from the right people is all it takes to set you on your true path. If I can do it, so can you, which is why I’m so motivated and inspired to help as many people as I can access their inner power, let go of limiting beliefs, and become the person they truly aspire to be.

“Michael is an all round wonderful human. He has such a wealth of knowledge around wellbeing, mindset, positive psychology, martial arts, meditation, coaching, business and life. He is one of those people whose energy speaks before he does. He is grounded, present, and powerful. If you get a chance to work with Michael, be coached by him, or attend a workshop don’t miss the opportunity. I’m sure it will be of massive value to you and your journey.” – Simone, Auckland, NZ


True freedom is not about what you do, how much money you have, or even how much confidence you have… it’s about who you are. It’s who you are underneath any limiting beliefs and patterns that gives you a life that’s rich, full and satisfying. When you have a connection with yourself that is centered in love and acceptance then nothing that the world throws at you is too hard to handle. In fact, it helps you to prosper and grow.

In my coaching programs, I help you to align your mind, body and spirit. I teach you how to embrace those parts of you that are in doubt or conflict, and to use the power of thoughts and emotions, even negative ones, to rise up in your life. You’ll also discover how to trust your intuition with more depth and clarity while elevating your creativity to new levels of brilliance. Ultimately, your relationship with yourself and how you relate to the world around you will change so that whatever you dreamed your life could be can be made real.

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