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Lets talk about Inner Peace

By October 26, 2020 Life, Peace

LET'S TALK ABOUT INNER PEACE SQUAREMany people think that to have inner peace they need to remove some type of disturbance in their life for it to be present.

I used to think this too. For me, it was more about the destination that promised peace rather than understanding what it truly was.

I would look to the weekends to have peace from work and to be making more money to have peace from lack and yet all the while still not finding that deeper peace that I heard the mystics speak of.

I made it my mission for a while to learn about this vibration called inner peace. I stopped looking outside and started looking within.

But it wasn’t really a search, it was a letting go. Letting go of the idea of what inner peace was meant to be and instead allowing my unconscious to guide me to the knowledge of what it truly was.

We all have this capacity you know… the capacity to trust that our unconscious will lead us to the outcome that we need. We are born with it.

My unconscious took me on a journey deep into the heart of silence and stillness through meditation and mindfulness.

It is here that I discovered that peace is found when the mind is quiet – this is what I had been looking for.

Just this week I started doing yoga to loud rock and roll music. Why would I do this you might ask? Because I am seeing how deeply I can stay connected to the state of inner peace while chaos is going on around me.

Usually, I do yoga to slow, relaxing music, and that is always beautiful. Now, I get to also have that same experience regardless of what is happening around me.

It also no longer matters if I meditate in silence or in the middle of a mall – it’s all the same as my inner peace is no longer dependent on external influences.

We just need to remember that we are peace at our core and in that center of our being everything is perfectly still and calm.

We have all experienced this at different times in our life so we know it is there and our unconscious knows how to reveal it to us.

It’s just that the excitement of all that life has to offer in the world keeps the mind distracted so we the deep, still ocean of silence that lives between our thoughts.

The deeper we go into this silence – the deeper the joy and bliss.

Perhaps inner peace is as simple as watching the flow of your mind without judgment and just letting all thoughts pass without getting attached to them.