Saturday, December 12th - Thursday, December 17th


Tuesday 1 September to Monday 7 September


It’s a 7 day activation process that progressively awakens you to deeper levels of embodied love, joy, abundance, soul-alignment and expanded consciousness.  

We use a variety of modalities that have been gathered from both ancient wisdom and modern technologies that are designed to guide you back to your authentic self and unlock your untapped potential.  

If you are ready to embark on a sacred journey that will AWAKEN you to a life beyond your dreams then join us for seven ecstasy filled days that will change your life forever:

Transcendent Meditations

Transformational Workshops

Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork 

Energetic Activation

Authentic Relating

Playful Self-Discovery Activities

Learn a Powerful Energy Healing Modality

Awaken Your Psychic Powers

Deep Rest & Much Needed Rejuvenation

This all takes place at the Heart and Soul of Wellness Retreat Space in Nobby’s Creek, NSW only 40 mins from the Gold Coast Airport.  


Ecstatic Awakening Meditation & Breathwork Sessions, Become an Energetic Healer Workshop, Unlock Your Psychic Powers Workshop, Re-Discover Your Inner Joy Workshop, Step Into Your Fully Aligned Self, Relaxing Magnesium Spa, Stunning Nature Walks, Healthy Vibrant Meals + So Much More…


Accommodation, Workshops, Daily Meals, Activities.

* We are limiting capacity for this retreat to 15 people to ensure the best quality of experience and dedicate more one-on-one time so be sure to book early to avoid missing out.    


Whether you have been on path of awakening for awhile or you’re new to it, this retreat will help you to get back in touch with your natural flow state where you experience the natural bliss of life and you are effortlessly inspired. This is a journey of awakening to your full potential using ancient activating breathwork meditations as well as having spontaneous emotional releasing, deep relaxation and multiple Aha moments. 


These are the powerhouse behind all the breakthroughs and realizations that you will have during your time at the AWAKENING  Retreat.  You’ll be exploring experiential workshops designed to embody deeper levels of INTUITION, ALIGNMENT, SELF LOVE, PRESENCE, SPIRITUAL CONNECTION, TRUST, and LEADERSHIP.  The core of these workshops revolves around scientifically-backed processes and techniques that come from a variety of modalities in which rapid shifts in how you view yourself and the world around you can occur.     


No matter whether you are a seasoned meditator or just starting out you’ll fall in love with our combination of powerfully activating meditations designed to help you transcend the mind and body and access higher levels of spiritual awakening. You’ll get personal instruction as well as discover how to meditate deeply, calm the mind naturally and how you can easily continue with your meditations and spiritual deep-dive long after the retreat is over.


Spend seven blissful days with like-minded people. Enjoy deep conversations and bond over powerful practices to heighten your awareness of how to connect with others from a space of presence, non-judgment and acceptance. There’s something really special about the bonds and friendships that are formed when everyone drops their masks and connects from their heart.


An experience like no other – you’ll be invited to explore what it looks, sounds and feels like to live with full awareness of the present moment. Imagine being able to stay present while walking, talking, eating, playing or interacting with others! Learn how to bring more embodied presence to your everyday moments so that stress and anxiety simply fall off you like water from a ducks back. Once you get the knack of this then everything else gets easier.   


Expand your connection and love for Mother Earth like never before in a tranquil and magnificent rain forest setting.  Enjoy the feeling of being nurtured by nature as you immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of this very special and spiritual 22 acres of land. Imagine walking along a vibrant green jungle path and descending down until the leaves and branches give way to a stunning natural landscape. There’s natural bush walks, swimming holes and it’s very accessible to both Byron Bay and magnificent Mt. Warning as well if you’ve a mind to experience more. 


There is a main retreat house that sleeps up to 12 people and includes an open fireplace, air conditioning, a modern fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, outdoor entertaining area and a magnesium spa. During the retreat you’ll also be provided with breakfast, lunch and group dinners. There will be a focus on healthy, sustainable and delicious meals designed to keep your energy high and your body deliriously happy and content. We’ll also make sure to cater to your specific needs if you have them. 


Michael’s teachings on ancient wisdom for modern times are deeply inspired by taking the time each day to reconnect with your spirit. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave everything is designed to nourish your soul in the most abundant of ways. From diving deep into your heart space to raising your vibrations to love and above you will feel deeply nurtured from within and from without. This is where your entire mind-body system gets to relax, rejuvenate and surrender to bliss. All while enjoying the company of many other beautiful souls. 


To experience your greatness and live the life you were meant to live means digging deep into whats holding you back so that you can make radical shifts in the way you show up in the world. Over these four days you’ll learn practical tools to help you release blocks, overcome obstacles and choose courage and love over fear. From the moment you get to the venue to the moment you leave you will be immersed into an energy field of limitless possibilities where the experience of yourself as pure presence, bliss and joy happens naturally. Our time together will culminate in embodying your own spiritual alignment in action. We then ground that into your mind and body so that you can manifest your goals and dreams in the world from a space of full alignment. 


You’ll be staying at Heart and Soul of Wellness Retreat Space in Nobby’s Creek, NSW only 40 mins from Gold Coast Airport, 30 minutes to Cabarita  beach and 60 minutes to Byron Bay. The venue is a magnificent purpose-built retreat center that forms part of a 22 acre property that offers a haven of peace and tranquility. It’s intended to give you a safe place to relax, expand and grow as you fully immerse yourself in your transformational program. You can enjoy swimming holes, a magnesium spa, walking in the rainforest and generally chilling out during the breaks in peace and quiet.  Your accommodation and all meals are all included.


Click on the button below to apply to join us at the next AWAKENING Retreat and for further information on the investment and packages.


As we need to pay fixed costs up-front for our retreats please make sure you are aware of our cancellation policies below before confirming.

Is my deposit refundable?
We can issue a full refund of your deposit or full payment for up to 14 Days after booking. After that, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If I need to cancel what is the policy on getting a refund for the full payment?
There is a no-refunds policy within 1 calendar month of the retreat date.

To sum up:
There is a 14 day money back guarantee on both the deposit and full amount. After that the deposit becomes non-refundable. Refunds beyond deposit are available until 1 month before the retreat.

Within 1 month of the retreat we don’t offer refunds however we can credit your deposit toward a future retreat depending on availability.


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* We are limiting capacity for this retreat to 15 people to ensure the best quality of experience and dedicate more one-on-one time so be sure to book early to avoid missing out.