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Get Paid To Be Yourself

By March 11, 2021 Interviews, Life

Most people work hard, day and night, to earn money. We live our lives doing something we don’t want to do in order to survive. But do you plan on living that kind of life until the end of the day? Probably not. 

As I said in this interview with Rags to Riches Consulting, “When you deconstruct those beliefs. just let them all go, just drop all those ideas about money, and just enjoy your life.” I also added that the simplest way to approach money is just to be grateful for what comes, grateful for what goes, and be happy with what you already have. In this way, you are letting the universe know that you have an abundance mindset, instead of one of scarcity.

The thing with getting paid for what you love to do is to do that one thing that truly lights you up and then work hard to be the master of it. Once you master something, then people will be amazed by how you did it, and the next thing you know you are getting paid to do what you love. 

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and not think about the loads of work that’s waiting for you in the office, or the stress that working for someone else brings. Instead, you get to think about working from your home office and planning your day out the way you want to, and working with those customers and people that inspire you. 

To me, money is just simply an expression of my creativity and how well received that is in the world. If my creativity is not flowing, then my cash flow will most likely stop flowing too. I’ve also found that when you are happy and in joy with your life then it helps with making money too. For me, it’s far easier to make money from joy than it is from misery.

To find out more about what I share on the subject of Getting Paid to be Yourself, go check out the Podcast below as you’ll be so glad you did.