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The MEDITATION DOJO APP is designed to make meditation and mindfulness simple, fun and life-transforming.

Discover how to have less stress and more calm in just minutes a day
anytime, anywhere while doing almost anything!

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With the Meditation Dojo app, get through your day with more calm, clarity and focus.  There’s dozens of themed sessions on everything from anxiety and sleep to relationships and relaxation.

There are meditations ranging from 60 seconds to 60 minutes to suit your timing and busy schedules. You get to download your favorite meditations as you go along for ease of replay anytime you want.

What else do you get?

Guided meditations from 5 minutes

 Relaxing background meditations for work, play or sleep

 Meditations for your Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

 Set time-outs so you can clear your mind with ease during the day

 On-The-GO meditations that you can do while doing any activity

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