Meditation in the workplace
can improve focus, teamwork,
and productivity

How much of the working day is wasted by lack of focus, stress, and general negativity?
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the office set a little time aside to engage in
a practice that helped calm the mind and reduce the power of
negative thoughts and emotions?


Happy Team, Healthy Business

Meditations specifically designed for busy people

Mindfulness sessions for a happier, healthier and more productive life

Meditation helps with everything from stress to sleep and focus to anxiety

3 Powerful Benefits of
Meditation in the Workplace

mental health

Launching a meditation program at work is a healthy idea for both individuals and the bottom line. Here are 5 ways that meditation has been shown to make an impact in just minutes a day:

  1. Clarity and the ability to focus on goals are crucial to the success of any business. Both of these are a byproduct of the inner calm and peace that meditation brings.
  2. A company that offers meditation as part of an employee wellness program shows they care about its employees and will gain the loyalty of workers at every level, which will result in less personnel turnover and increased employee retention.
  3. A clear mind will express clear thoughts. When you think clearer then it makes it easier to problem solve and bring clarity and focus to decision making. It also helps with communicating more effectively.
  4. Meditation allows the individual to effectively deal with stress, which helps to improve their overall health, reducing their risk of heart disease, stroke, clinical depression, and a myriad of other conditions that cause employee absenteeism.
  5. By helping employees at all levels deal with their stress effectively; focus more clearly on their own goals and the goals of the company and communicate clearly with the other members of their team the productivity of the employee will improve.
employee engagement

A well-managed meditation program can have an impact on employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. When employees feel that their employer cares about them as individuals, they tend to be more productive and to want stay where they are valued.

This is achieved through Mindfulness Meditations. The benefits of mindfulness provided by experts and organizations who practice it as:

  • Mindfulness teaches you to pay attention and be non-judgmental.
  • Mindfulness teaches you to focus on yourself, your thoughts and your behavior
  • Mindfulness increases awareness of your environment and the people around you.

Better employee engagement is only one of the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace. The additional advantages you can expect from it are the following:

  • Better employee retention: Team members are less inclined to look for another job as mindfulness helps lower their emotional exhaustion at work.
  • Better health of employees results in lower incidences of absences and healthcare costs.
  • Better productivity because employees are happier and healthier!
performance and productivity

Many companies, both large and small, have been working hard to implement in-office programs that help employees to deal with stress, anxiety and workplace pressures. The most common practice in the workplace is Mindfulness Meditation, which is a practice that helps focus the mind in the present moment with an attitude of non-judgmental awareness of thoughts and feelings. This has a flow-on effect on all decisions made throughout the day from how to perform tasks to how to spend free time.

So how exactly does Mindfulness Meditation affect the working brain and workplace performance?

1. Improved Focus. 

When we take time during the workday to stop working and focus on the present, it helps to create a stronger control of the mind’s function and productivity.  This helps to strengthen your ability to focus on one task at a time instead of being scattered and distracted. Training the mind to focus helps with productivity as it increases attention span while helping to reduce stress and anxiety in the brain.

2. Better Decision Making & Problem-Solving Skills.

A regular meditation practice helps to open new neural pathways in the brain. With increased focus, problem-solving skills get more creative and new ideas enter the mind more freely. It also helps with making decisions as the mind is clearer and not so cluttered by overwhelm or distractions.

3. Reduced Workplace Conflicts.

Meditation benefits have also been proven to help resolve workplace conflicts. Mindfulness practices equip employees with better conflict management and interpersonal skills that make resolving issues easier for employees and managers alike. By improving emotional intelligence and promoting the importance of listening to co-workers and peers, a mindfulness meditation practice can decrease the number of conflicts that arise in the workplace.

 4. Improved Happiness In The Workplace.

One of the greatest benefits of a workplace meditation program is the enhanced overall happiness of employees. A regular meditation practice helps to improve overall happiness, compassion, self-awareness, and patience. Many corporations are today experiencing increased sales performance, proving that what’s good for the mind and spirit is good for the company’s bottom line.

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