Boundless Energy Testimonial Contest

We Would Love To Brag About You And Your Results From Boundless Energy!

Plus reward you for your efforts with a friendly video contest!

Michael is prepping for our next Boundless Energy launch and we need your help! We are looking for great transformation stories to feature in our promos, ads & live videos!

In addition to that, for the first time ever, we are adding in a contest element for the Top 3 “Most Compelling” videos (determined by Michael Atma!) and the prizes are a private, one-on-one business strategy session with Michael! He no longer offers these as a part of his business and only works with a handful of clients as a consultant on their big launches and videos shoots so take FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY! 

Just like the Boundless Energy Program & our amazing Community, we want the testimonial video creation to be a fun learning experience that you can implement into your own businesses.

Please keep your video testimonials to no more than 2 minutes max! No exceptions and longer videos will not be reviewed. The Deadline to submit is Thursday, August 16th by 8pm Pacific.

We have a few pointers & topic ideas on how to create a great testimonial video! You of course do NOT need to cover all these. Choose ONE or TWO most compelling parts of your transformation story! 

  • What we are looking for is your transformation STORY of how Boundless Energy helped you!
  • Think back to where you were when you started in your business, over all confidence level in your brand, comfort level on camera, the direction you were headed and where you are today!
  • How did you feel about live video before Boundless Energy and how do you feel about it now?
  • Imagine you are talking to a fellow entrepreneur friend who is struggling to begin live video with intention & purpose or to improve their current live videos. What would you tell them about your personal transformation as a result from Boundless Energy?
  • Keep it super conversational and natural and most importantly, speak from the heart! Emotion is a great thing! Don’t hold back! 
  • Start with a quick intro with your name & brief explanation of what you do. Hello Signature Statement! 😉 
  • Be specific! If you have data to share like the number of videos you’ve done, i.e. Going from zero to 60 videos because of Boundless Energy.  Specific percentage increases in your followers, video views, utilizing sales videos for your product launches, creating video courses. The more specific you can get the better! 
  • What specific changes have you seen in your business? Have you gained new team members, increased sales, gained new opportunities, clients, collaborations?
  • What clarity do you now have about your personal brand?
  • How has the private Facebook community enhanced your experience with the online course?
  • What do you think of the Boundless Energy Creator & your Coach, Michael Atma? His teaching/coaching style? 

You can shoot your video with your smart phone but please remember to shoot HORIZONTAL/LANDSCAPE! Don’t forget to look at the camera hole and not at yourself!

Share your video through a Dropbox link. If you’re not familiar how to do that, dontcha worry cause we created a video tutorial at the bottom of this page on how to set up a free account, upload your video and share the link! 

*Remember the deadline to submit your testimonial and complete this survey is Thursday, August 16th by 8pm PACIFIC.

We will be announcing the Top 3 winners inside our Boundless Energy Insider Club Community on August 24th and choosing a total of 6-10 for the next launch. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to serve you inside our Boundless Energy Insiders Club Community!

**If you’d like to share this video on any of your social media outlets starting in September, closer to our launch kick off, i’d love & appreciate you even more if that’s possible! Please tag me on IG/IG Stories/IGTV comments @michaelatma and everywhere on IG & FB use the hashtag #BoundlessEnergy

I’m eternally grateful for YOU!

How to upload & share your testimonial video with Dropbox!

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use Dropbox that is also FREE to upload your testimonial video from your phone and share it with a simple link! 

dropbox tutorial