Looking to sleep better and feel more rested every day?

I created the Sleep Pack For Busy People Meditation Album just for you! Almost half of us are sleep deprived and one of the main reasons is due to a busy mind not switching off when you try to sleep. Sleep is critical for our well-being with research showing that quality sleep is an essential part of a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

This 21-day sleep program isn’t designed to send you to sleep; it’s designed to train your mind to let go of the stress and business of the day so that when you are ready to sleep you can fall asleep and stay asleep with ease and grace.  All 21 daily tracks are included in your digital album.    

Limited time offer: Get the bonus ‘Meditate For Sleep’ full course. 

When you order the album today, you’ll also get a bonus progressive muscle relaxation meditation that you can use while lying in bed to help you even further to unwind both your mind and body. Plus, there’s a meditation for deep sleep audio that is specifically designed to help you fall asleep. 

As a digital album, you’ll be able to listen on your phone, tablet or laptop whenever you’re ready to experience more peace and ease!

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

  • 21-day sleep meditation program (Can do during the day or at night)
  • Starts with 10-minute meditations for the first 7 days
  • Then progresses to 15 minute meditations for the second 7 days
  • Then ends with 7 days of twenty minute meditations
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation (is done lying in bed)
  • Deep Sleep Meditation Soundtrack (brainwave enhanced – music only)

LIMITED TIME BONUSES: Today, you’ll also get my, ‘Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation (is done lying in bed) and my Deep Sleep Meditation Soundtrack (brainwave enhanced – music only)’ with the album!

Investment: Normally $47 Today Just $27 

The results speak for themselves…

“My favorite part of this series is how relaxed I feel on the inside now. I was able to listen to a track a day, sometimes at home, or on transit, or even at work. I feel so much more confident at coming back to the present moment and focusing my wandering mind. The bonus meditations have also helped greatly to let go of stress and enjoy even longer and deeper sleep.”

Jane McNally 

“This sleep series of meditations have completely changed the way I think about sleep. Not only do I find myself falling asleep by the time they have finished I find it easy to wind down after work so that I can relax even before I go to bed. Michael’s soothing voice and the tranquil  music at the end helps me to now effortlessly leave the day behind and get a good nights rest. Thank you, Michael!”

—Mary Lazenby

“I had a really good nights sleep last night. Listened to your meditation series and then the sleep soundscape after that and fell asleep some time during that – so within about thirty minutes which is pretty good for me. Woke up feeling great. I think I have a pretty good routine going now with my sleep habits after listening to your suggestions which also helps me with unwinding from the day. This album has finally helped me to get my sleep back on track!”

— James O’Brien 

“I love the Sleep Pack For Busy People Meditation Album as I feel like it has given me a new lease on life!! I really enjoy how Michael takes you on a journey that helps change the way you think about and approach sleep. Thanks Michael for all you have done to guide me to help myself. I would and will recommend this sleep pack to anyone!”  

—Suzie Montgomery

Preview The Sleep Pack Meditation Album 

Press play below to listen to the one-minute trailer of track one of the sleep pack. It will give you a taste of what is to come. Each track comes in three stages. Stage one is a few minutes of gentle guidance. Stage two is a few minutes of silence to practice the technique.  And stage three is soothing relaxation brainwave entrainment sounds to help unwind the mind and let go.