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Spirituality for Beginners: “Living in the Gap”

By October 13, 2020 Life

If you’re not sure what it means to be a spiritually incorrect mystic and live a non-conventional life then you’re in for a treat!

In today’s world while we all might want certainty it can sometimes seem that life has other things in mind. 

In fact, for some, it can feel like they are constantly free falling without knowing if there’s ever going to be a safety net to catch them.

It’s that feeling where you’re not quite sure where you’re at or where things are headed and the best you can do is to find a way to be okay with the unknown and find peace among the chaos.  

Have a listen to the conversation below between myself and my good friend Sandhan who actually lived with a spiritually incorrect mystic for some time. 

There’s lots of thought-provoking conversation to get you thinking about your own life and how you show up when things are anything other than flowing smoothly or making sense to you right now.

There’s so much more to life than meets the eye and perhaps the real joy of living is found in what we don’t know yet.

Make sure you listen to an in-depth discussion on what it means to live in the gap and how you can apply this wisdom to your own life. 

We go deep in our discussion and can’t wait to hear what you think of it.