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How to Make Happiness a Way of Life?

By May 16, 2020 Happiness, Life
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I see so many people in today’s world trade happiness for instant gratificationhow to make happiness a way of life squared image
be that alike on social media, the next shiny object to distract them or just keeping themselves so busy getting nowhere quickly that they forget to stop and enjoy the ride.

I’m all about putting happiness first. I always have been. In fact, for me, happiness and inner-peace go hand-in-hand.

Even the famous singer-songwriter John Lennon from the Beatles was quoted as saying…

“When I was five years old, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life”.

This is where it gets tricky though because from what I have observed lately most people don’t really know what happiness is let alone make it a priority in their life.

What we prioritize is what we end up spending most of our time doing. For some this is work, for others, it’s constantly worrying about things that don’t matter and for even more of us, it’s doubting ourselves and our potential.

Let me share with you my take on happiness…

Happiness is the foundation on which an epic life can be built and where true abundance arises from.

Abundance does not arise from misery and suffering, although those things can be a trigger to wake TF up and do life differently.

To make happiness a priority means to put it first before anything else.

Before money, before sex, before complaining, before work, before looking for your life partner – before anything.

Without it, life will simply suck.

It’s because I have devoted the majority of my adult life to uncovering happiness that is not dependent on anything or anyone that I have accomplished what I have.

From becoming a successful heart-centered entrepreneur with multiple businesses that create financial stability to becoming a best-selling author to manifesting the woman of my dreams, to having optimal health and energy that never subsides, to waking up each day so damn grateful to be alive – this ALL came from making happiness and inner peace a choice.

So, I’ve decided that I need to be the change that the world needs to see in this instance and am going to teach how to make happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment a way of life in a way that people will be able to EMBODY it.

If your foundation in life is strong (i.e built on happiness as the core) then your mind, body, and spirit are already primed to manifest from a higher vibrational level.

– I’ve had enough of seeing people lost in the darkness of their own thoughts and emotions that are just programs they borrowed.

– I’ve had enough of hearing people make excuses as to why they are not happy.

And… I’ve had enough with people believing they are not enough because of invisible ghosts of the past keeping them stuck in shame, guilt, or blame.

It’s time to unshackle ourselves from our doubts and fears and align ourselves to our true potential which starts at happiness and above.

If this sounds like you then come join my private Facebook group where we dive deep into living life from the inside-out and making happiness a way of life 🙂