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How To Succeed At Anything In Life

By October 14, 2014 Life

As well s building several successful business, I have read hundreds of books on the subject of self improvement, attended countless seminars, and spent well over $250K on getting to know more about me, and what I was capable of.

What I discovered along the way is that success in any area of life is no accident.  In fact, it’s quite deliberate and simple to understand.  The most amazing discovery is that anyone can do it, yet very few seem to bother.

When I looked into why so few seemed to be living the life of their dreams the biggest trap I found was fear of failure, success, rejection or pain. Now you might say, “How could anyone fear success.”  Well, it’s really quite simple.  What happens when you start to improve the quality of your life?  You start to stand out from the crowd.

High achievers are obvious because they are the minority, while the rest of the crowd sits back and either denies that they really want that lifestyle or points the finger and labels those who do achieve their goals as greedy, selfish, or taking advantage of those less privileged.

You Need To Stand Out From The Crowd

Our society is crazed by the need to fit in with what everyone else is doing.  We should all look the same, talk the same, dress the same and have the same points of view. What if I told you that success comes when you understand that not only is it okay to succeed but that you deserve to be the best version of you that you can be.

There are numerous real-life stories that tell of people who have gone from rags to riches or who have triumphed over tragedy or who have made a powerful impact with their contribution to world happiness.  The thing that stands out most about these people is their ability to take consistent action and produce results.

Did you know that many people fail right on the verge of success? That it might have been the very next phone call, or the next person they spoke to about their idea that would have launched them into their dream life.  The majority of people give up on their goals after only one or two attempts.

They then justify giving up by convincing themselves that they didn’t really want it anyway.  Imagine if two young men who grew up in Logan City had given up when they had sent out only 99 demo tapes of their music.  Where would the superstars of “Savage Garden” be today?  Where would Disneyland be today if Walt Disney had of given up after going bankrupt twice?

Like success, even failure is not an overnight experience. Failure is the result of failing to make decisions and follow through.  Failure to make that phone call, or tell that special someone in your life, ‘I love you’, or failure to be 100% focused and committed, this is the ultimate failure in life.

Success is also one step at a time.  Success at making decisions and following through; Success at making that call now instead of putting it off; Or, successfully breaking through the limiting thoughts or behaviors that used to stop you.  It’s the accumulation of all the little successes that gives the quality of life that you can then be proud of.

By making simple small improvements daily, you can completely transform the quality of your life.  Have you ever heard the expression, ‘overnight success’?  From my research I have found that most people who have achieved this miracle have actually put in an enormous amount of groundwork to get the results that matter.

When you focus on designing the life you want instead of just getting by each day, then you’ll get what you really want instead of settling for what you end up with. Most people spend their life majoring in minor things.  They get caught up in day to day experiences that they make real important when actually in the long term, they’re not important at all.

Many people that I come across are always saying they are too busy to slow down and focus on what’s important.  These people often end up sick, miserable, on medication, or alone.  My suggestion is to start studying the major things in your life.  The majors of how to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

You Are Already A Success

Living life to the fullest is not a dream it is a reality that is just one decision away.  The difference between the life you have now, and your life in 5 years time comes down to the choices you make and the actions you consistently take.

If you keep taking the same actions that you currently do then guess what your life will look like in 5 years time, exactly the same.  Except of course, you’ll be 5 years older. I believe that we are all born successful, it’s just that some of us forget this basic premise.

How do I know? Because we fought off over a million other sperm to have the right to be born in the first plave. The odds were stacked against us and yet here we are – triumphant. This may not seem like a big deal to you but guess what, it actually doesn’t get any bigger than that.

The success or failure of your future life can be narrowed down to one thing – do you have a road map showing where you want to go? If not, then this is the first thing you need to map out. What is it that you want to have, be and do with your life over the next 5, 10 or 20 years. Then, simply refer to your plan daily until you achieve it.

As you continue to live more of your potential for greatness your confidence will grow, your happiness will blossom, your spirit will fly free, and your life will become filled with success. The true measure of success will always be who you become along the way to what you strive to achieve.

It’s not what you get that matters, it’s that you become the person that can get it that is the key to being able to succeed at anything you put your mind to.