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Live A Life You Love


Life is for the joy of it and for no other reason.

If you are not experiencing consistent happiness and peace in your life then this is a sign that something is out of balance and a course correction is required.

It’s so easy to get bogged down by the daily grind of life that over time we can become accustomed to living conditions that are more like a pressure cooker, than joy.

It is not wrong to live this way it simply takes it toll on us mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

I discovered many years ago that happiness and peace lives within me and in fact is my natural state of being.

While I understood this intellectually for quite awhile, I never really ‘got’ it until I started to learn meditation.

Through learning and practicing over 120 meditation techniques and finding which ones worked best for me, I soon began to be drawn to do more things that connected me with my body.

Just this one shift is enough to make life feel richer and fuller, little else is needed. Once you inhabit your body then the ride of life becomes significantly more fun.

Many people I talk to mistakenly think that meditation is about ‘escaping’ from their lives for a few moments to bask in some other worldly blissful place.

I’m not saying there isn’t such a place but I am saying that for me meditation has changed the way I think, the way I eat, the way I talk, the way I work, the way I make money and even the multitude of activities I enjoy.

It has given me a greater respect for my body and how much easier it is to enjoy everything when your fitness and health is at its peak.

Our bodies are designed to be used, not just sit behind a desk all then and then collapse in front of a TV before going to bed.

All that does is weaken our bodies and restrict our happiness because your body is bound to develop all kinds of illness, aches, pains and problems simply from lack of use.

Get Out Of Your Head 

You know, most people don’t even know they are stuck living a shallow life thats limited mostly to above their neck.

The only time they really get to understand it clearly is when the are made to feel something that they don’t like. Then, they are pulled into their body with a thud.

This of course leads to all sorts of counter measures to either avoid, deflect or get rid of these unwanted and unplanned for feelings.

For some, this means medicating themselves, for others it means getting angry and blaming the person or event that triggered their emotions.

Then there are those that reach out to addictions like gambling, drugs, sex, or anything at all that helps them to feel alive for a few moments and helps them to escape the crazy world of their mind and thoughts.

However, none of these behaviors will help solve the real cause of the problem which is your mind and thoughts.

Until you find peace with your mind and know how to stop giving power to thoughts that are negative, limiting, or addictive, you will remain a victim of your own doing.

Reconnecting With Yourself

The fastest way to find this peace and enjoy a happy, rich and fulfilling life is to reconnect with your body and start enjoying everything it has to offer – especially your emotions.

There are no bad emotions, even the painful ones, as they all serve a purpose. All we need to do is understand what they are trying to say to us and then act accordingly.

If you consistently experience negative emotions then you need to look at whats causing them to happen and either make some changes so they don’t happen anymore or learn to not react to them. Either way you win and balance is restored.

Reconnecting to your body also means that you become more present to what is going on both within and around you.

This means you have less time to waste judging what happened in the past or obsessively worrying about the future.

By learning to become more present in your body the joy of life becomes obvious. It makes challenges easier to handle and even helps you to meditate more deeply because you can relax faster and easier.

The most powerful meditation techniques I have studied are those that user your entire body to help you relax. The reason they are so powerful is because they help you to get out of your head – it’s that simple.

Start reconnecting with your body today. Spend at least 20 minutes a day doing whatever you need to enjoy your body. Swim, run, make love, dance and do fun things.

The more time you spend doing this type of physical activity, the happier and healthier you will be and the less time you’ll have to get stuck in your head.

This is how you will come to know the real secret to the joy of life.