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Time, Money and Freedom

By December 4, 2014 Business, Money
Time, Money & Freedom

What would you be doing with your life if you had all the time, money and freedom in the world, Imagine, waking up tomorrow and if you never wanted to work another day in your life – you could! Is this even possible in today’s fast paced digital world of over-stimulated minds and bodies?

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

To me, almost anything in life is possible as long as we have breath in our body. The tragic part is that most people will spend the majority of their lives getting stuck in the rut of just getting by in life. Whether you believe it or not this soul crushing merry-go-round of mediocrity called working for a living is engineered by our economical systems.

It’s setup in a way to keep people in debt and working so hard to make a living that they never really have enough time to dream of anything different. Except of course the mythical tail of retirement in which for many this will means spending the rest of their lives in a doctors office because the toll of their life’s work has worn their body out.

While this may sound a bit morbid, the sad reality is that it’s all too true. Just look around you in the world and see how many happy, vibrant, healthy and ‘free’ people really are after they retire. It’s more like their waiting to die than bust free and have a grand adventure.

We are brought up to go to school and learn things that will help us get a job. This keeps the merry-go-round chugging along nicely. Not only does the education system not cater to uncovering your child’s real talents and gifts – it actually doesn’t care about that at all.

As long as your child can remember useless information that they’ll never need and study things that are pretty much redundant these days, the education factory will spit out good little worker bees. Now this is okay as long as you love the work you do but statistically 80% of employees hate their job, their bosses and getting up in the morning.

I’m sure almost nobody when they are a child goes to bed at night and fantasizes about having a job they hate – yet that’s what will happen for most. When do we give up on our dreams and settle for a life of quiet desperation? It’s pretty much the day we start school.

That’s why I don’t see going to school as any way important towards enjoying a life of time, money and freedom as early in your life as possible. You can see so many examples now of young people achieving this even before they turn 20 and many of them dropped out of school.

The one thing they have in common though is that they were Entrepreneurial in spirit and they followed that path. Working for yourself and giving birth to your passions into the marketplace while learning the skills to run and grow a business, is an education that works.

What Is True Freedom?

True freedom is when love happens in your life and fear disappears. Not the love of another person as that is just one type of love. The love I speak of here is a state of being that comes from self awareness. It is not dependent on anything outside of you and fills every cell of your body from within.

While this is the ultimate freedom that any human can aspire to, very few will every get to know it. Why? Because they are too busy being distracted by fear. fear is the opposite of love. It causes you to shrink, not take risks, and to stay with what you’re comfortable with, even if it’s not good for you.

In fear we stay closed to change and exploring new frontiers in our life and with self love we open ourselves up to the unknown with joy. With fear we doubt ourselves and with love we trust ourselves completely. In fear we become lonely and then seek to fill our lives from the outside in with anything that will stop us feeling alone.

When love is a state of your being in every moment there is no question of being lonely. You are no longer disconnected from yourself and therefor always filled with the joy of life – as it is.

What About Money? 

There is another type of freedom though that needs to be spoken about and that is the freedom to have, be and do whatever you like in the world. To have any sort of freedom in the physical world, you need money. Without it, life gets pretty uncomfortable very fast.

That’s why the first step in living as a totally free human being is to become financially independent. And, the fastest way I know how to do that is building online business. Don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ even on the Internet. It all takes bloody hard work over time.

In fact, the faster you want to make it happen, the harder you are going to have to work. Straight away this cuts out about 95% of people because they are just too damn lazy to put the hard yards in. They start many things but never finish anything because they lose focus and get sidetracked by one shiny object after the other.

The great news is that you can stop this. How? By choosing one thing you wand to succeed at and sticking to it until you achieve financial freedom. It helps if it is something you are passionate about and it definitely helps if you create a business around it, or at least work with like-minded people.

Money Is An Idea Backed By Confidence. That’s all it has ever been. Any idea can make you rich as long as you have done your homework and made sure there is a need for it,or a need can be created around it. The key word though is ‘confidence’.

Coach Your Way To Success

Without having confidence in yourself and your ability to see things through to completion you’ll most likely run out of steam before you get past go. If this is the case for you, then I recommend you get a coach. Anyone who has ever succeeded has had a mentor to help them along the way.

Having a coach is not a sign of weakness, it is a smart business decision. My very first business coach helped me take my income from $20 per hour to $200 per hour inside 6 months. This would have taken me years if it wasn’t for him constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Time, money and freedom is your birthright. It’s not just for the rich or ‘lucky’ people of the world. It’s for everyday people like you and me too. There is no lack of money on the planet. It just gets unevenly distributed amongst those that have higher self esteem than others.

Those with the highest sense of self worth make the most money in the shortest possible time frame. The rest get to  share in the sloppy seconds. Spend more time working on your self worth than anything else and watch your net worth explode.