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Are You A Heart-Centered Leader?

By May 13, 2020 Business, Leadership

Stepping up and becoming a heart-centered leader can be quite daunting ARE YOU A HEART CENTERED LEADER
as there really aren’t that many examples of it working yet.

It’s what the world needs yet still drastically undervalues as things like power, greed and status still dominate the more masculine orientated social hierarchy.

When I think of heart-centered leaders I think of people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and anyone that puts love before logic.

How do we create a thriving business and life that flows effortlessly from our heart instead of our head?

We have to change the alchemy of how we show up in the world and that begins with listening to our intuition and making decisions based on love instead of reasoning.

For centuries it has been a masculine dominated society and the feminine has just followed.

We get to reverse this so that our heart (feminine) leads our head (masculine).

This is how we step forward into a brave new world where the leaders lead with love and the status quo of business in the world is forever transformed.

It starts with you and me and all those that are ready to do our inner alchemy so that our head is the servant and our heart the master.

This is how we bring light to the darkness of a world where so much pain and suffering is brought about by fear and lack of empathy.