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Break Through To Success


There are two main reasons that 97% of people don’t achieve the desired health, wealth or happiness they want.

They are:

1. Lack of self worth

2. Fear

Letting Go Of Lack of Self Worth

This can be quite challenging to handle because it deals with your subconscious beliefs and habits around success, money, relationships, happiness and just about anything you can think of. To increase your self worth you simply need to love and approve of yourself more.

This means that you take the time each day to focus on what’s ‘right’ about you and what you like about yourself. If you can’t do these 2 simple things, then I recommend getting some professional help as it is that important in order for you to be a  balanced human being who feels good about themselves.

It’s so hard to live the life of your dreams, or get that promotion, or win over that man or woman, or achieve financial freedom if on the inside, you are a pauper in everything you think and do. You need to claim back your personal power and to do that it requires courage and commitment.

The courage is what you’ll need to get through any emotional roller coaster rides that happens as you shift from self doubt to self love. The commitment is the agreement you make with yourself that is water tight and cannot be broken – no matter what.

You can literally increase your self worth in minutes. It just takes letting go of the past and embracing the unknown future with joy. Once you make the decision to let your true light shine through into the world, then nothing can stop it from happening unless you choose to stay stuck in the shadows.

Being free to be who you are requires self love and that happens as you open your heart and mind to the joy of life and make that the most important focus in your life. Give compassion and peace wherever you go and you will find that happiness and joy will automatically awaken within you.

Overcoming Fear

I call fear, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Fear is generated in the mind and it prevents you from attaining your goals by blocking the flow of creativity, inspiration and focus. Make no mistake, you will come across obstacles as you challenge your fear based beliefs and myths of life. But what matters is how you deal with these fears that separates winners from losers.

If you really want to be successful in anything you focus on, then it is time to forget about what you can’t do and focus on what you CAN achieve. every problem has a solution if you are willing to keep looking long after the average person who is controlled by fear give up and puts it in the too hard basket.

Whenever you find yourself facing your fears you can transform it instantly by saying or yelling the power phrase “SWITCH!”

“Switch” is designed to dispell fear because it sends a powerful message to you mind to move in a new direction. It’s just like when you switch on alight and it turns on or off, or you switch the TV station, you can train your mind to switch from fear to fun instantly just by saying the word “switch” and then doing something fun for a moment.

Whenever the fear panic of “what am I doing?” overwhelms you as you broaden your horizons, expand comfort zones, embrace new responsibilities, achieve new growth, shout loudly to the fear in your mind using the word, “SWITCH”.

The game of SWITCH is a mind-skill that gives you a new power habit… a power habit to instantly reshape your thoughts and break free from the mental bondage that keeps so many people stuck in settling for second best. This new mind power will help you to raise your consciousness and join the winners circle of life where you belong!