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Don’t Worry Be Happy


It’s interesting how almost everyone wants to have a happy, care free and calm life, yet still so many choose to get bogged down by living in the past or worrying about the future.

How To Handle Worry

There are 3 things you can do with worry.

The first is to do nothing about it and let your fears and anxieties rule your life. This is a recipe for disaster on every level and can only end in pain and suffering.

The second is to write down everything you are worried about and then those things you can do something about set a goal and deadline to deal with it by, and those things you can’t do anything about – cross them off your list and don’t waste another second thinking about it.

The third way is to drop worry altogether as you would a bad habit. After all,that’s all it is – a habit. Instead, pick up a new habit like laughing, breathing slowly and deeply, or Tai Chi, or Yoga, or meditation or anything at all that helps you to feel calm anytime worry may come your way.

It’s Only A Worry If You Think It’s A Worry

Spend more time focusing on things that you love and that make you happy and then do more of those things. Happiness and worry can’t live together because they are so different. The happier you become in your life and the calmer you become on the inside, the less worry can occupy your mind or body.

While you waste time dwelling on all the doom and gloom scenarios in your head, life is passing you by. The sun could have nurtured your skin, or you could have hugged someone in need, or you could have gone for a walk along the beach and connected with the ocean.

The opportunities for happiness and joy are everywhere to be found while the potential for worry and misery can only be found in your head.

The next time you worry simply get out of your head and into your body or your heart. Either way, it’ll be that much easier to shake it off. Exercise can be a good antidote for worry and can love. You can even try having sex every time you feel worried as that covers both your heart and your body.

The Master Key To A Worry Free Life

If you really feel the need to worry then give yourself permission to do it consciously. By this I mean allow yourself 10 or 20 minutes to be 100% worried about everything you can possibly imagine, take to the extreme and see the worst possible events unfolding.

Then at the end of your agreed to time with yourself – simply stop and go and do something completely different. By learning to be the master of your worry, instead of the slave of it you will soon find that it’s power over you will rapidly start to dissolve into nothingness.