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Invaluable You

By November 14, 2014 Business, Entrepreneur

Let’s take a look at one of the most misunderstood concepts of life and that is the one called abundance. Firstly, let me define abundance as:” To know, feel and enjoy the fullness and richness of every moment.”

This means that if you are experiencing a moment filled with joy, then you are abundantly joyful; if you are experiencing a moment filled with sadness, then you are abundantly sad; if you are angry, then you have an abundance of anger.

Life Is Naturally Abundant

In my experience there is an unlimited supply of everything that we will ever want or need in life. From money to motivation, health to happiness, energy to creativity – it’s all there for the taking. All you need to learn to do is to be open to receive it.

If every thought you think, word you speak, and action you take is focused on abundance then you can expect that you will instantly start to attract more abundance into your life. This is by far the simplest and quickest way to go from a life of lack to a life of plenty.

However, if you’re always checking out your bank balance or focusing on what’s not going well for you, then you can expect to attract even more to be unhappy about. The universal life law that I’m talking about here is ‘what we put out energetically is what you get back’

And the two main energies you can focus on are an energy of lack in your thoughts words,or deed, or the energy of abundance.

Tapping Into The Ocean of Abundance

There is such a vast opportunity for growth in this area that the question is not so much how can you become more abundant in your life. It’s more how abundant and prosperous do you desire and deserve to be?

Without fail, if a person isn’t doing well financially it’s because they’ve bought into beliefs of lack. Prosperity of course in not just about money it’s so much bigger than that. It’s about  being rich in mind, body, spirit and money.

I view prosperity or prosperous thinking as the river that flows to the ocean of abundance that both surrounds us and lives within us. By building beliefs of prosperity into every area of your life and eliminating any beliefs of lack you will not only change your circumstances you’ll also have a richer and fuller life than you ever imagined possible.

A financial survey recently revealed there is enough resources on the planet to evenly distribute at least one million dollars to every man, woman and child! These are interesting facts when you consider the unequal distribution of wealth that currently exists.

The wealthy play a numbers game in which actual dollars and cents are rarely seen and the dividends they receive through superior money management skills far exceed the almost worthless interest that the average person gains through local bank rates.  The good news is that these skills can be learned.

The Secret To Financial Abundance

Along with learning these skills you will also need a mindset of abundance. Without it, all the skills in the world won’t matter as any money you do acquire will surely be lost.

To have financial wealth you must first release any addictions you may have to poverty. These addictions are found within your limiting belief systems regarding money. If you grew up in an environment where your parents constantly reinforced hardship, lack and struggle, then this is the first hurdle you need to navigate.

The way to do that is to educate yourself on how financial independent people achieved this state of prosperity and then start doing what they did. Take baby steps if you need to but just keep moving. Eliminating old habits of lack are as simple as creating new habits of abundance.

Practice thinking and speaking abundantly in everything you do. Learn business skills to help you make money faster. Learn how to effectively manage and invest money. Then you will have all the essential ingredients for abundant living in every area of your life.

Once you achieve this then teach it to others. This is how the rich at heart become richer. .