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Abundance VS Scarcity

Abundance VS Scarcity

From the tiniest grain of sand through to the outer limits of space; abundance is everywhere to be found. You can see it in the eyes of a mother gazing lovingly at her newborn child, or hear it in the sound of water as it rushes over a riverbed of rocks, or feel it on your skin as the warmth of a morning sunrise touches your skin.

No matter where you are, life is constantly revealing its richness and grandeur in every direction, yet if you read the paper, listen to the news or talk to your neighbors you will more likely end up living in ‘Scare-city’.

Scarcity is a place that lives in the subconscious minds of people who believe that, ‘You have to work hard for your money’, or, ‘There’s not enough to go around’, or, ‘You have to hold on tight to what you’ve got otherwise someone might take it away from you’.

Beliefs like these and infinitely more keeps the river of abundance blocked from flowing and instead keeps you stuck in the puddles of scare-city.  The fact is that we live on a planet that has more than we’ll ever need.  The key word here being ‘need’.

Really, our actual needs are quite small, but in this man-made world of high-rise buildings, petrol driven cars, nuclear powered electricity and synthetically produced food, we’ve kind of lost the plot.  It’s not that these things are wrong in any way, they are just unnatural.

Even garbage becomes abundant if it’s not properly managed and we could very well smother beneath our own toxic waste if we’re not careful.

There Are 2 Main Fears We All Have

So why do people choose to live in scare-city?  Well most psychologists will tell you it’s because it’s what their parents did, or what society teaches them and so on, yet my view is that there really can only be one answer and that is fear.  Fear of prosperity, fear of love, fear of happiness and most of all fear of LIFE!

Now that may sound strange to some of you, but the fact is that there are only two fears that I know of.  The first is fear of death.  This one is easy to deal with.  All of us will die one day, physically that is.  The difference is whether it happens sooner or late,r but either way it’s only a question of time.

Just by accepting this fact makes life easier because now you can focus totally on living each precious moment to the fullest.  So that takes care of that fear! Fear of life is more intriguing.  Everything that you say you want to have, be and do and yet you don’t put your entire mind, body and soul into it, comes from fear of the power of life.

Lets look at how this works.  For example, if you say you want to be financially free, yet you are just getting by week to week in your J.O.B and have actively done nothing to:

  1. Increase your income
  2. Start up a savings account that doesn’t get raided
  3. Invest a portion of what money you do make to make more
  4. Learn new skills or talents that you can add value to your time with

Then you’re just kidding yourself and what’s in charge of your outer life are the weeds or limited beliefs that have been imprinted in the garden of your subconscious mind.  So what can be done about this?   The good news is that your subconscious mind has plenty of fertile soil available to plant the seeds of abundance in.

Those seeds are the beliefs excellence that will mature into prosperity consciousness.   When you understand this, your life in this reality is a direct reflection of your state of mind.  If your mind contains beliefs of negativity and limitation, then that’s what you’ll get.  If it’s filled with beliefs that generate optimism, opportunity, freedom and power, then abundant living is what you’ll create.   It’s as simple as that.