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Life In The Fast Lane

By December 11, 2014 Life

We all know that time these days appears to be accelerating. No matter what we do, or where we are it seems everything seems to be moving just that much quicker. So what can you do to slow down and enjoy the ride of life, instead of feeling like the craziness of it all will never end?

7 Ways To Slow Down And Give Yourself Space.

Here are some simple way to bring more balance back into your life and give yourself the edge you need to stay sharp, healthy, happy and energized.

1. Take time out

Every day, give yourself at least 10 to 20 minutes of time-out just for you. This means that you get 100% of the time just for you. No kids, no partner, no friends, no mobile devices, no TV, no distractions at all – just quality time with yourself.

This might look like a walk along the beach, a 10 minute meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, or anything at all that helps you to relax, breathe a bit slower and deeper and unwind.

2. Eat Slower

Take your time to eat your food in a more relaxed manner. Chew your food more times and be 100% present while eating. This means not watching TV while eating, texting, surfing the net or doing 101 other things while you eat. Not only will this help your food be digested better, it will also help you relax and enjoy your food more.

3. Plan your day

Maximize the effectiveness of your time by planning out your day in advance. Block out time for those things that must be done and if you have to do errands then se if you can slot any other tasks that need to be done at the same time so you only have to make one trip instead of several.

4. Ask for help

If you are the type of person that tends to do the majority of the things to take care of the running of your home, business or anything at all, then see if you can get others to pitch in and pull their weight more. Why wear yourself out when you can just as easily ask for help.

5. Make more time for yourself

This one can be a bit tricky but where in your day can you give yourself more time? Can you get up 1 hour or 30 minutes earlier so that you have more time during the day? This may mean adjusting your schedule so that you go to bed earlier so as you are not draining yourself more.

6. Exercise regularly

I can’t emphasize the importance of being fit and healthy enough when it comes to getting more done in less time. When your body is unfit, overweight, underweight or just generally run down and constantly under stress, then you are an accident waiting to happen.

Not only that, but your energy levels will be low, which means that everything you do will take more effort. By working on your health and fitness you will find that things that were difficult or draining feel easier and takes less effort. You’ll also feel better about yourself which is priceless.