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Live Long and Prosper


Several years ago my business coach at the time asked me a really thought provoking question. He asked me if I had set a goal for how long I wanted to live. At first it perplexed me as it had never crossed my mind.

My coach then went on to say that the purpose in doing this exercise was so that I could look at what my expectation was around life… And what I would need to do to ensure I stay on track for the target I had set.

For example, if you said you wanted to live to be 100 years old and still be active, alert and healthy, then  what kind of a lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, and health plan would you need to follow. Obviously, if you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and don’t take care of yourself, yet you want to live to 100, then it’s not congruent with your goal.

Instead you’d be more inclined to drink only filtered water, eat organic food, do work that you love so that you are emotionally enriched, practice things like Tai Chi and Yoga to help keep your body energized and flexible,  meditate to find a place of peace within you, and anything else that would contribute to a long and prosperous life.

What About Prosperity?

Living a prosperous life is your birthright. It’s not something that is limited to just the naturally born rich or those that get a so called ‘lucky’ break in business.

The fastest path to prosperity is to own it. By that I mean you need to live as if you are already prosperous, instead of that it is something that may happen in the future. If you put out the message to the Universe that you are prosperous in all that you think, say, and do, then you will start attracting more prosperity to you.

This is how the Universal law of attraction works – what you put out in thought and deed is what you get back!

4 Steps To A Long and Propsperous Life

If you are keen to live a long, healthy, wealthy and extraordinary life then the two things that will help you most is to keep your life simple and learn to open your heart and mind to the depths of love and wisdom you can go to.

Yes, you need to keep fit and stay mentally and physically strong, but at the same time even those things can add more stress to your life if it has an absence of love and joy in it. By simple, I mean try and live moment to moment without getting bogged down by your past, or anxious about your future.

If I could some up healthy living in a few words it would be to:

1. Celebrate your life every day

2. Meditate and find peace and happiness in doing nothing

3. Follow your heart and spirit without hesitation

4. Give compassion, peace and kindness wherever you go

As you can see, there’s nothing about health and fitness in here as my top 4 ways to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. My belief is that if you truly do love your life then looking after your body will naturally follow.

Take the time now to write down how long you’d like to live and then what action steps or habits you’ll need to develop in order to achieve your ultimate destiny. Then make sure to take action on your plan every day.