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Awakening Your Silent Power

By October 1, 2014 Life, Meditation, Motivation

Every so often in life you come across someone that is very different. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is about them that attracts you to them, but they radiate a silent power that can’t be put into words.

I first encountered such a person many years ago and it was to be a pivotal point in my life. I had no idea what this unseen force was that they had, all I knew is that most people didn’t seem to have it.

I now know that all of us have this silent power lying dormant within us, it’s just that some choose to activate it, while most don’t. So just what is this silent power and why should it matter to us at all?

What Exactly Is Your Silent Power?

Your silent power is that part of you that comes from a place of stillness deep inside the center of your being. Conversely, the absence of it typically comes from someone functioning primarily from their ‘head’ space.

In other words, their mind is almost always active and is the energy they tap into that shapes their life and influences others around them either positively or negatively. This ultimately creates a neurotic or disconnected person because they have to use their mind as their main power source.

These people (which are the majority) tend to also have chaotic energy because the mind is always in a state of movement from positive to negative, or high’s and low’s. This is why so many people find it hard to be at peace or be happy because the mind is never at peace and for many people even sleep doesn’t help restore balance.

Then, there are people who come across as having a calmer demeanor and just to be around them you feel relaxed and settled. These people tend to be more heart centered.

Who really knows how or why this happens but I’m sure that you know people that enjoy a somewhat simpler perspective on life and they never appear to be over stressed or concerned about things.

Lastly,  there are the people that live from their silent power. You can see it in their eyes when they look at you, hear it in their words and feel it when they connect to you physically.

They exude warmth, presence and an aliveness that gives off a charismatic energy which for some can be intimidating because it may amplify their insecurities, but for most it has a magnetic attraction that they can’t quite put their finger on.

It has also been reported by people who have had near death experiences that something similar happened to them. The feeling of being enveloped in warmth and a deep calmness and peace coming upon them.

Perhaps this stillness has it’s roots in a world beyond what our normal senses tell us, but regardless of what we think the power it has to transform our lives is very real.

This inner calmness unifies your mind and body in a way that very few people save for highly trained martial arts masters or people that meditate as deep as a Zen monk come to know from years of dedication to training their mind and body.

Yet it does so much more than unify our mind and body,  it also gives rise to amazing gifts of creativity, insight and inspiration that appear to come from nowhere.

How and why this happens is not 100% clear but my understanding of it after studying and living this phenomena for many years is that our brain starts building new neural pathways that enable us to access high levels of creativity and knowledge.

How To Grow Your Silent Power

It’s actually not that difficult. All it takes it a little mindfulness and the willingness to become more aware of that place within you that is connected to what I call stillness.  This stillness is a place of deep peace and calmness.

You know this place well because it’s the same place that you connect to whenever you find that you can suddenly breathe deeply and freely and a sense of deep contentment and peace washes over you

The fastest way I know to grow your silent power is through meditation. I have been meditating now for almost 20 years and it’s through meditation that I have come to know and live my silent power. That’s how I know you can too.

Through meditation I have come to be an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, health enthusiast and lover of life. It has opened my life up to a world that I never imagined possible when I was working in a dead-end corporate job that was slowly killing me on the inside day-by-day.

Then, I met someone that told me about meditation as a way to relax and deal with stress. From the very first time that I did a meditation, I was hooked.

So many strange and wondrous things started happening to me after that, like I wrote my first book within 6 weeks and prior to meditating I couldn’t even write a letter to my mother to save my life.

Then, I had whole songs appear in my head including all the different instruments, words and sounds (I have zero music background so I had no idea what to do with this at all), movie scripts, business ideas and so many different things that were so incredibly inspirational to me it was almost overwhelming.

I am where I am today, both in business and in life because of developing my silent power through meditation. It seems quite funny really that so much can come from something that is really the art of doing nothing.

Yet to learn to sit quietly, let go of the ‘busy-ness’ of your mind for a few moments and let yourself sink deep inside and connect to your inner stillness, that’s when the magic happens.

By the way, this process has been scientifically recorded. It is well documented on how meditation slows down brainwaves and stops processing information as actively as it normally would.

Deep meditation can create theta and delta brainwave patterns which takes our brain into the state of dreaming and then deep sleep – while we are still conscious!

The Benefits of Silent Power

That’s why there are so many reported health benefits of meditation. It’s simply due to your brain being less active and sending different signals to your body to release hormones that relax and rejuvenate.

Benefits such as better focus, less anxiety, less stress, improve memory, lower blood pressure, reduces depression and so the list goes on, is all just the tip of a massive iceberg of potential.

The deeper benefits from my perspective is to simply connect to your silent power and bring that more into your waking life. Yes, all the other benefits can and will happen but can you imagine what it might be like to consciously live with a power that can never be taken away from you?

Unlike what most people consider power such as fame, fortune, position, control over others, or money, just to name a few? These things are not real or lasting power. They belong to our ego world which belongs to your mind. In this, there can never be any peace or contentment.

Your silent power is quite the opposite of your ego. In fact, it gets stronger the more you can drop your ego and come from your heart. By giving compassion and peace to yourself and spreading happiness and joy wherever you go this will also start to awaken your silent power within.

So if a life of calmness, creativity, inspiration and deep contentment with who you are and all that comes your way sounds like something you’d like to embrace then start learning about your silent power today. Find a mediation that you enjoy doing and take time to give yourself space to practice it every day.

Then, you’ll start to build a relationship with your inner peace and calmness and pretty soon it will start to appear in your thoughts, words and actions.