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Awaken Your Creative Genius


Here are my top 3 way to unleash your creative genius so that you can live an inspired and fulfilled life.

1. Active the right side of your brain 

The right side of your brain has long been understood to be the creative, feminine, intuitive, receptive and imaginative side.  The interesting fact is that the left side of the body stimulates the right brain.

Just by using your left hand or left or focusing on the left side of your body you activate your right brain.  Just by writing or drawing with your left hand, even if you’re right-handed and it looks ridiculous will start to activate the right-side of your brain.

Using your imagination stimulates creative juices.  That’s why children are so creative and many adults aren’t.  Once you get into a lifestyle of routines, habits and ruts, it’s all left-brain and this becomes an automatic lifestyle that lacks juice or feeling.

Anything you can do to stimulate your imagination will automatically engage the right-side of your brain. Logic and structure has its place, but it can never bring passion or fulfilment.  A life without creativity is a life with fun, adventure, growth and excitement.

Get in touch with your creative genius and enjoy the thrill of being fully alive.

2. Think of one new to do thing to do every day 

The greatest tool we have within us for creativity is our brain.  However, while we continue to think the same thoughts, speak the same words, and do the same things day after day, there is very little possibility for our creative energy to work its magic in our lives.

By taking a few moments each day to think of something you can do differently it will begin the process of stimulating your brain and mind to new and more exciting opportunities. Just like going to the gym will help build your muscles and fitness, exercising your creative intelligence will help it to grow and add more depth to your life.

Have fun with this one as you may find yourself becoming more ‘spontaneous’ in your actions which can lead to an abundance of creative opportunities for you to enjoy. For example, you could set a goal to come up with something new to do with your partner each day.

While it may be a little challenging at first, as time goes on you will get more and more creative, which is exactly the result you are looking for. Then you can simply apply this creativity to any area of your life you focus on.

3. Start a new hobby 

Take up something you’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off.  Be it art, singing, dancing, calligraphy, photography, another language, cooking, or anything at all you’re interested in. Do a quick Google search or check out your local newspaper to find out where and when you can get started.

Really a hobby is nothing more than a new habit, but in this case it must be something you enjoy doing as your creativity will often flounder if it ends up becoming more like a task, than just for fun and because you love doing it.

Hobbies can help you to relax, have fun, learn new skills, meet new people and most of all find out more about your hidden talents and abilities.