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Thunder Down Under

By October 26, 2012 Uncategorized

It’s been a great couple few weeks where I have had the privilege of co-facilitating an training program called the ‘Ultimate SEO Challenge”.

The purpose of the challenge is to take a few thousand people and help them make some fast cash while growing their online business.

The methodology involves giving them what they need as we coach them along a path of inevitable success. I say inevitable because unless you are in a coma and do nothing, then you will get results super fast.

These are like no other programs that I know of because it involves on-going coaching, actionable success steps, question and answer session, mind-set superstar training, and most importantly is run by people who are all super successful at what they do.

So what has ‘Thunder Down Under’ got to do with any of this.

It’s quite simple – that is the affectionate nickname that myself and my business partner David Judge received from the extremely vocal group of ‘gung-ho’ challengers.

Although if you Google the name you’ll notice that it relates mostly to a group of male strippers from Australia, I assure you that David and I are not secretly harbouring such identities. Not that we’re admitting to anyway.

I will tell you though that the name is very appropriate because just as Thunder has it’s own path is and is beholding to no-one, that is also true for me.  Being your own boss and having the freedom to choose what you do and when you do it is not only good for the Soul, but allows for a Peaceful and Powerful life.

One of my dreams is to help as 10,000 people to take back control of their lives in the same way myself and David have. This is why I love to develop products that help people make money online and set themselves up for long-term business success. In addition, having the privilege to work with like-minded people who also have the same vision and get to share helping others together is also a dream come true.

My wish is for you to be living your passion and waking up inspired each day to let your Thunder loose on the world and give a good shake up so that the world knows that you too are a force for good to be reckoned with.