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What We Resist Persists

By October 16, 2020 Personal Development
What We Resist Persists

What We Resist Persists SQUARE

Resistance is our tendency. Especially when we feel pain. When we feel pain, emotional, or otherwise, we want to resist it. In some ways, it feels right to resist what hurts, what scares us, what we don’t want.

And it’s just not human nature to embrace the pain. But pain is not the cause of the problem; it’s the effect of a deeper problem. When you resist it, you perpetuate it, you feed it.

Even Buddha says that since our mind creates everything, no external cause is really creating any pain for us. It’s the illusion within that creates the pain we feel.

The external cause is what draws our attention to the pain that already exists.

What this means in real terms is that when we resolve the pain within the external situations tend to drop away, as does our suffering.

Blame is also a form of resistance. The more we blame, the more our pain and suffering hang on. The way to break free from this cycle is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves. Then, we are free to move on.

When we hang onto beliefs, circumstances, attitudes, or people that are no longer serving us or our growth then we are resisting opening the door for new people and opportunities to come our way.

We all have something we can let go of more deeply and when we do then we are once again setting ourselves free from unnecessary pain and suffering.

In essence, we when stop resisting the flow of life and learn to surrender to what is being asked of us at the moment then we are on the path of love and empowerment.

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