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Are Your Ready to Heal Your Past?

By May 7, 2020 Change, Life, Mind
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As you know most of us humans have so much stuff buried inside us from the past Are you ready to heal you past
that it’s any wonder we are even walking around.

Things like pain, trauma, shame, guilt, addiction, depression, and an endless number of ways that we have been wounded through our lives.

The deepest wounds, of course, come from our childhood and are locked in place by age 5.

Then, of course, we get to keep triggering these wounds in our relationships and life events because they haven’t yet been fully healed.

We really are the walking wounded and yet some of us do get to heal.

What makes the difference and how do we finally get relief from our past baggage that we carry around buried in our unconscious?

What I’ve discovered that’s helped me and thousands of others like me is that one of the keys to healing our wounds is to change the relationship we have with our mind.

If the relationship we have with our mind is based on it being in control of us rather than us being the master of it – then we are screwed.

As long as we stay a slave to our mind and beliefs then we are forever stuck in the past and subject to re-creating all our buried wounds over-and-over again.

This is because our mind and emotions are connected. When we have a thought filled with pain then our emotions will reflect the same. They feed off each other so that it becomes an endless cycle of suffering.

To change this behavior we need to become an observer of the mind instead of being pulled into a thought stream that ends in pain or suffering.

By learning to step back from the mind and observe it with an attitude of non-judgment it creates separation from it.

When this happens, then we no longer get identified with stories from the past no matter how painful they were – then we are free.

The way to achieve this is to meditate and specifically mindful meditation as this is how we create non-judgmental awareness of the mind and feelings.

Mindful meditation is as simple as watching your breath flow in and out of your body for a few minutes. This is how we start to come back to the present in which all healing takes place.