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Why You Need To Sack Your Boss

By September 26, 2014 Business, Entrepreneur

Each day I aim to provide you with an insight into my own personal journey from working a full-time job to becoming a successful entrepreneur. My dream for everyone I work with is that they will do even better than me and in less time.

This is the reason why I am so passionate about sharing my journey and giving you the very best strategies and methods that helped me to launch several of my own successful products online as well as co-founding several companies that brings me a healthy 7-figures a year in recurring income.

I share this not to impress you but to impress upon you that if I can live the 4 hour work week dream, then anyone can. There’s nothing super special about my background and I wasn’t a whiz kid at school. What I did have though was confidence in myself and a strong resolve to do whatever it took to take back control of my life..

How To Know When It’s Time To Sack Your Boss

For me, it all started when I was working for a company that I had to travel a lot in the role I was performing. I was a product and systems trainer for a national company and this meant I had to move around from office to office training staff on the latest products and system updates.

I found this to be very tiring as it was impossible to get into a daily routine while living out of hotel rooms and eating out most of the time. As the months and years rolled by my health started to suffer.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing new places and got to see half the world but the cost on my health and well being as well as not being able to spend much quality time with people I loved and cared about was too high.

One evening, as I sat in my hotel room looking out over the city skyline feeling somewhat depressed about my circumstances, I started thinking about what was really important to me. So I picked up the notepad next to the phone in my room and started to jot things down. I wrote down that financial security, working from home and never having to travel again unless I wanted to were the top of my list.

There were many other things I jotted down but these three were what hit a chord with me the most. Then I started thinking about how I could go about making this happen. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head… I could start up an online business!

As I gazed at the list the one’s that leaped out at me the most was financial security and working from home. At this stage of my life I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to go about doing this but just writing these things down and clarifying my idea sent waves of excitement through me. It was hilarious really because I wasn’t even that big an Internet user at that time.

The interesting part here is that it took two years from when I had this ‘aha’ moment to make my first few bucks online. During that time I bought courses and studied everything from traffic generation and list-building to affiliate marketing and product launches.

These were two very long years and everyone I knew kept telling me I was crazy because I would work all day at my job and spend the rest of my time trying to build an online business on the side.  My relationships became frazzled,  my work performance at my job had plummeted which put my on the edge of being sacked all the time and I was spending all my spare cash on internet marketing courses.

Then, as if by magic after two long, hard and exhausting  years of trial and lots of error, things started to change real fast. Within the next six weeks I was making $5,000 a month in recurring income and within 90 days I was up to $10,000 month. I had cracked the code. It was at this point that I sacked my boss and said goodbye to my old life forever.

None too soon I may add because my closest friends told me later that I looked like death warmed up at that time. I had lost weight, wasn’t eating well and was stressed out most of the time. I probably would have ended up in hospital had I continued on this way for much longer.

Sacking my boss was the most freeing thing I’d ever done. Yes, it was scary because my Internet business was still in the early days and I was working long hours in it but I could no longer do my job and grow my business at the same time so something had to go.

My boss even flew up from head office to try and talk me out of it over dinner but I simply smiled and said that I’d never been happier and had to follow my hearts desire no matter what the outcome.

The really interesting part is that many years later my ex-boss called  me up to say that he had been retrenched from his job and wondered if I could help him with starting his own online business. Funny how things change.

How You Can Write Your Own Paycheck Anytime, Anyplace

I hope that on some level my story has inspired you to either get clear about what your dream lifestyle is or to keep going with what you are doing now. It’s so easy to give up, especially when it seems like nothing you do is working. I know this for a fact because for my first 2 years of trial and error online I made a whopping sum of about $100 bucks.

The part that most people don’t get is that as long as you take some action each day and continue to up-skill yourself in those areas you need to learn to be successful, then these skills will one-day be of tremendous value to you and those you serve online.

When I finally started making money online my first paychecks cane from selling the skills I had developed along the way as services to people who knew less than me. Then my first successful product was about how I made money doing this and how others could as well. Can you see how powerful this is? never underestimate the power of knowledge to make you money.

So even if you are not making money yet selling other peoples products or your own, keep learning skills that you can get paid to help others with. The three big ones are traffic generation, list building and converting traffic to leads. If you can get good at any or all of these areas, you can write your own paycheck.