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How Badly Do You Want It?

By December 13, 2014 Life, Motivation

Roughly nine years ago I was in a job I hated. I had been doing it for four years and felt like I had backed myself into a corner I couldn’t get out of.

It was a VERY trying time.

I never got to spend time with my loved ones, friends or family as I had to travel to cities all over the country as part of my work. Eating out all the time, always on the go, never being able to settle into a routine and the worst part for me was my health suffered just from the lifestyle.

I think about this now as I sit here in my plush home office. My home office has it’s own en-suite, small library, lounge area and huge storage area. It’s bigger than most of the hotel rooms I had to stay in. I get to eat healthy food, go to the gym during ‘work’ hours and am surrounded by my loved ones every day.

It only took me two years to create this lifestyle after i gleefully sacked my boss and jumped into the deep end of building an online business. There was no safety net for me – it was do or die trying.

I tell you this for one reason – it’s remarkable how far you can come in just a few years.

I get to travel now when I want, where I want and with whomever I want. The hotel rooms I stay in almost always have the best views, have gym facilities included and always have a healthy menu on hand.

Some of this travel is just for fun and some of it is to attend events which I get paid to speak at. Regardless of the purpose, I still get paid for my time because that’s the way my business is setup.

It’s incredible to be able to be anywhere I want and know that my bank account continues to grow. It amazes me even more how quickly anyone can attract wealth with just a little bit of grunt work, putting some sweat equity into creating recurring income, and a lot of persistence.

It really is remarkable how far you can come in just a few years.

I write this to you now as I am about to make another big change in what I am doing. I wonder where I’ll be at… and what’ll I’ll be doing… in two more short years.

Where will you be at?

You know, it’s really worth thinking about where you will be at and what you will be doing. It helps if you have a clear vision to work towards. I know that I have mine. In fact, I’ve always had a clear vision of what I want to do and where I want to be. Let’s see how it turns out.

What about you though? Do you have a clear vision of where you want to be in two years? Do you wake up each morning and it’s the first thing you think about and remember to take action on? Do you monitor your progress and make course corrections when needed?

Is it the last thing you think about before going to bed so that it’s moving deep into your sub-conscious as you sleep?

This is how I live my life and create the lifestyle and business that I want. I remember when I had a vision to sack my boss and work from home, never having to get stuck in traffic again, or eat crappy hotel meals between a hectic work schedule.

I would wake up in the morning thinking about what I could do today to move one step closer to this dream . Sometimes that would mean learning about lead generation or traffic getting strategies, other times it would be about product creation or SEO. Regardless, it was what I thought about pretty much all the time.

It took two years of learning and getting the confidence to launch myself online… and within six weeks of starting my online business I was able to sack my boss and start to live my dream.

That two years was incredibly difficult because I was working full time and growing a business on the side but I never lost site of WHY I was doing what i was doing. It was all I could think of – failure was not an option.

I can now write high converting sales letters in a few hours because I am have a clear vision about why I am doing it.

I create products in days that are evergreen that make me 7 figures a a year because I have a strong vision of why I develop them and how they will benefit my customers.

I build memberships sites in less than an hour because I have a clear vision about how it gets done and why I need to do it.

I have learned from my own experience that anyone who wants something bad enough can make it happen. The challenge with most people who want to have an online business is that they don’t appear to want it bad enough.

I know because I have coached quite a few who have all the right answers yet lack the one ingredient that will make it happen for them – an insatiable appetite to succeed!  It’s right there at their fingertips but they let even the smallest of obstacles block their way.

If you really want something bad enough you will be ready, willing, and able, to do whatever it takes to make it happen. If that means writing a blog post a day for a year – you’ll do it. If that means contacting JV partners to help with a product launch – you’ll do it.

If it means you’ll write a sales letter a month… AND create the product… AND put together the members area… AND drive traffic to it… AND do customer support… WHILE you are building a list and keeping in touch with them – you’ll do it!

If you want it that bad you’ll take actions that will help you such as getting up earlier, working later, sacrificing weekends and constantly learning new skills as required. In other words, doing those things that unsuccessful people won’t do.

When you think about success like that, hopefully you get a clearer picture of what it really takes to live the internet lifestyle. There are a lot of dreamers out there and hopefully you are not one of them because dreamers live in the clouds.

The opposite of a dreamer is a doer. Instead of having dreams, have goals and put a deadline on them – then do it.

Are you a doer, or a dreamer? Only you can answer that. If you are a doer, then right after reading this you’ll take immediate action towards one or more of your goals and then keep going until they’re done.

But if you’re like 95% of people reading this, you’ll find something else to distract you and then blame someone or something else other than yourself for staying stuck in whatever situation you find yourself in. You’ll most likely go back to playing computer games, watching TV or wasting time on social media.

I hope that’s not you because there’s an exciting adventure waiting for you on the other side of success.

In two years from now we may bump into each other at an event, or perhaps even in an interview we have together, and share our stories of what helped us to get where we are so that others may be inspired by our journey’s.

Wouldn’t that be incredible?