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The Power of Your Imagination

By May 22, 2020 Happiness, Life, Meditation

​Einstein said, “The sign of true intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”the power of your imagination squared image

Here’s what most people don’t know about imagination. We’re using it all the time. It’s just that some imagine a life of abundance while others imagine a life of lack and struggle.

Whatever we imagine we become in our thoughts, words, and deeds. If we imagine that life is hard and that we are not enough then that’s what we create more of.

If we imagine that we are happy and that we have everything we want and have ever dreamed of, then that is what we will create.

The thing is that as kids our imagination has no limits but for most people, as they get older it starts to get reduced to imagining things for the worst.

When we let our limiting beliefs and our fears dictate what we imagine then life becomes very hard.

That’s why to fully use our imagination in the way it was intended we need to get back to that space our childlike innocence within ourselves once again.

We need to give ourselves permission to stop taking life so seriously and become more playful in the way we think and behave.

When it comes to imagination, the math is simple… the more negative, limiting, or fear-based thoughts we have the more darkness we’ll imagine into our lives.

Conversely, the more joyful, playful, and optimistic thoughts we have the more light we’ll bring to our lives.

All of us have an inner creative genius waiting to be freed. Some have already done it while others get stuck living a more rational and left-brain type of life that leaves little room for our God-given gift.

Logic has its place in life, but to really soar high among the eagles and live a life of wonder and adventure we also need to balance it with our creative mind.

If we think about it, everything that exists in the man-made world came from someone’s imagination. Cars, clothes, technology, medicine, things – everything.

The challenge with imagination is that we either use it to create new things in our lives that make our soul sing or we use it to worry about everything we cannot change or control.

When we worry about something then we are imagining things for the worst. And, because our brain doesn’t know the difference between what we imagine or what is real, it receives those thoughts as real.

That’s why we have to be mindful of what we imagine as the moment we imagine something positive or negative – the brain perceives it as real. Then our physical reality takes on that vibration.

So, why not imagine things for the best, and imagine that we are happy, healthy, wealthy, and empowered. It’s the same energy, it’s just that one helps us to grow while the other keeps us stuck in the dark.

I’ve found that meditation really helps to get the creative juices flowing in your life.

It helps to get the left and right sides of our brain talking to each other and when that happens our creativity blossoms in the most beautiful of ways.

Problem-solving gets easier and more fun, your artistic talents start to flow from nowhere and you get to free your inner genius.

If you can imagine it you can become it. So make sure to imagine your life exactly the way you want it to be.

The truth is that the life you have created now is exactly what you imagined it would be in the past and your future will look like what you are imagining now.

Imagination is your soul speaking to you so pay attention to it and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.