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Opening To Self Trust

By November 13, 2014 Life, Personal Development

Self trust means, “I am okay – no matter what.”  This means that you become more accepting of the situations that you do create and learn to flow with what is happening right now.

How could you possibly hope to trust another human being if you have not yet embraced those parts of you that you consider unpleasant, or painful?

Trust In Motion

On a recent overseas tour, I learned the meaning of self-trust. Having been involved in running personal development seminars and workshops for several years, I decided to leave it all behind for a while and see what else the world had to offer.

My first stop was Hawaii. Four ‘sun’ soaked days later, a “chance” encounter with a local led me to a remote cove, where dolphins and whales played in abundance, and very few people gathered.

As I gazed upon the beauty, tranquility and solitude of the mountains, trees, water, sand and marine life, a deep contentment arose within my soul. Suddenly, a pod of dolphins leapt out of the water less than fifty feet away from where I was standing.

Like a child at an amusement park, I dropped my things, grabbed a snorkel, goggles and flippers, and dove into the inviting blue ocean. As soon as my head went underwater I heard the dolphins “clicking” to each other.

After a few minutes, my entire body began to tingle with excitement as a pod of one hundred dolphins glided a few feet beneath me. They showed me how willing they were to play by rolling on their backs and waving; swimming in circles; jumping over me and serenading me with a symphony of sounds from their sonar.

This experience was so profound that I stayed in Hawaii for six months. Some days at the cove there were strong currents, stormy skies, choppy seas, huge swells and all kinds of conditions to endure, but what never ceased to amaze me was how unimportant these things were while I swam with my dolphin friends.

Many great things happened during this time.  I had never been a strong swimmer in the past but now I could easily swim for hours at a time and come out feeling more energized and alive than when I went in.  The dolphins were also teaching me that if you flow with the current of life, then much adventure will come your way.

After I left Hawaii I simply just kept saying ‘yes’ to whatever life sent to me. I decided to not impose my own will on things and instead see what would happen if i just said ‘yes’ to life, no matter where it led me. I am happy to say that it took me on a worldwide tour.

I ended up in places and meeting people that were to change my life forever. I had no agenda at all, except to go with the flow of life. I had no idea where the money would come from to support it or where I was going next. Funnily enough, all these things worked out okay.

The Most Powerful Word To Develop Trust

From the first day that I decided to say ‘yes’ to life and trust that I had the necessary courage, commitment, and confidence to let go of the illusion of being in control, that’s when the true magic and miracle of life unfolded for me.

Now, I stand on the threshold of a new era and with deep gratitude in my heart for all of the experiences that have led me here, I embrace whatever life send to me wholeheartedly. Life is truly a remarkable journey and every moment is so rich and alive.

And all we need to do is drop the past, plan for the future but don’t get attached to it and be free to be, do, or have whatever is for our highest good at any given moment. Try it for yourself… just say ‘yes’ to life for the next 24 hours and see what happens for you.

There’s no telling what kind of adventures you may have.