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How to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection Part 2

By May 28, 2020 Life
how to deepen your spiritual connection part 2

In my last post, I spoke about practicing an eye gazing meditation using a candlespiritual connection article
flame as a simple technique to slow the mind down and access higher states of consciousness.

If you haven’t had a go at that yet then I highly encourage you to do so. Start with just 5 minutes at first until you feel comfortable with meditating with your eyes open.

It’s actually easier than having your eyes closed as you aren’t stuck just listening to the noise in your head. The next technique to help you deepen your spiritual connection is what I call a meditation on loving yourself.

A 5 Minute Self-Love Meditation

This works best if you can find a place in nature where you can really relax and enjoy the environment you are in. If that is not possible then find a place within your home where you are least likely to be disturbed and you can relax.

When I meditate at home I have a specific room and cushion that I use and everyone knows not to disturb me when meditating so it’s almost as good as being in nature for me. Feel free to use a comfy chair, a lounge, or even sitting up in your bed if you like.

Then, let your eyes close, and for the first time while sitting alone focus your attention on your heart-space. This space is located between your armpits and in the center of your chest. You will be able to feel this space when you allow your attention to drop into it.

As you drop into your heart-space imagine or feel that you are breathing in love from the Universe as you take a breath in. Then, as you exhale, imagine or feel that you are breathing out love back to the Universe.

Breathing in, feel your heart-space filling with love and then breathing-out feel your heart-space sending love back out to the Universe. Just keep repeating this for 5-minutes.

Whenever you notice your mind wandering just gently remind yourself to come back to breathing love in and out of your heart. Do this for at least a few minutes a day either just upon awakening or just before going to sleep (or both).

It’s a pretty simple meditation and if you have any trouble imagining breathing in and out love then see if you can remember a time when you felt love and use that feeling as the focus for your breath. Just keep remembering that feeling and breathe it in and out – over and over again.

When you are finished with the Self Love meditation simply close your eyes and relax for a minute or two and notice how you feel. What does your energy feel like? What is happening in your head and heart-space?

Let this vibration of love energy permeate into every cell of your body as it gets soaked into every pore. Allow yourself to get swept up in the feeling of an ocean of love inside you that never stops pulsing in and out with every breath you take.

You are creating this love from within you and once you realize that you have always had the power to amplify love in yourself, then everything changes.

Well, I hope this has given you some food for thought on how you can do a very simple self-love technique to deepen your spiritual connection.