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How to fully embrace your spiritual nature?

By July 1, 2020 Spirituality
How to fully embrace your spiritual nature

How to fully embrace your spiritual nature SQUAREWe are simultaneously living in two worlds at the same time that being the physical and the spiritual world.

Many people get confused about this as they are completely separate worlds and yet within both there is a common source that connects them to each other.

We must not neglect our human world while we are present in it as in this world we are meant to experience all that being human has to offer as this is why we are here.

We are also here to learn, heal and evolve and ultimately to remember where we have come from.

The challenge for some is that as they start to awaken they tend to want to bypass the human part and delude themselves that they are nothing but spirit.

Now, there is of course truth in this delusion but if we haven’t yet healed the wounds that we took on from birth then those shadows will still live on inside us and karmically we still have work to do.

Our ego can’t make enlightenment happen to us as much it would like to think it can. That is only going to happen when we are ready to surrender to love.

Yes, it helps to do our spiritual practices and tap into the source of our being daily as then we are reminded that we are not just human either.

But do your best to not let any spiritual ego convince you that you are more or less advanced than anyone else because the truth is none of us really know at all.

One of the ways that we can embrace our spiritual side with more presence is to apply to qualities of compassion, peace. forgiveness and gratitude in every moment of our lives.

As we do this we are not only elevating our frequency we are also healing our wounds