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Have You Discovered The Diamond Within You?

By October 6, 2020 Happiness, Personal Development
have you discovered the diamond within you

We are here for the blink of an eye and then we’re gone.have you discovered the diamond within you SQUARE

In that short time, we can either focus on what’s wrong with our life and feel defeated or we can focus on what’s right with it and feel limitless.

Inside, we all have a diamond that is waiting to dazzle the world, and the moment that we accept this is the moment the rubble on top will start to fall away.

When we look at others we can either see the rubble or notice the diamond and depending on how we look will determine how things appear.

The answers we seek lie within – they always have. There is nothing anyone can say about us or to us that will change this truth.

Until we let our diamond shine brightly into the world we will always wonder what we are here to do.

It’s really quite simple… you are here to do you! The version of you that is unapologetic about who you are and why you are here.

The version of you that can be told you are wrong by a million people and yet in your heart you know it’s true for you which is all that matters.

The version of you that loves yourself first and then gives in abundance when your cup is overflowing.

The version of you who is a walking ambassador of your message and mission in the world.

In essence, dare to be different and when the crowd doesn’t agree with the direction you are going in just smile and wish them well as life’s too short to stay ordinary.