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Yes You Can

By October 29, 2014 Life, Personal Development
say yes to life

One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word, “YES”! It has the power to transform your life instantly and can give you more confidence, adventure, happiness and fulfillment than you ever imagined possible.

Why Is ‘Yes’ Such A Powerful Word?

Here’s the thing, how do you feel when someone says ‘yes’ to you? Doesn’t is feel good? Conversely, when you are told, ‘no’ – how does that feel? Rotten, I bet.

In every moment we are being given opportunities to say yes to life, yet if you really stop and take notice of what energy you are putting out most of the time, you may be surprised at what you observe.

Life is energy and the energy of ‘yes’ is one that creates openings. The image of ‘yes’ is someone nodding their head up and down, which is symbolic of being in agreement with whatever is happening.

In the critically acclaimed movie ‘Yes Man’ starring Jim Carrey, it tells the story of a man who live a life based on lying, cheating and being closed to risk or change. One day he attends a personal development seminar and from that day on he’s unable to say ‘no’ anymore.

This then results in a hilarious series of events that turns Jim’s character’s life upside-down. Along the way though he re-discovers a zest for life, and despite the bumps in the road that happen, he learns a valuable lesson in listening to and follow his heart, and not just his head.

Now, while this is just a movie, the concept behind it is very solid. What would happen if from this moment on you were to do your best to say ‘yes’ to everything life sent your way? Where would it take you?

All Life is Made Up of Energy

When you understand this, you also understand that the energy you put out to the world in thought, word and actions directly influence what you get back in your life. That’s why saying ‘yes’ is so powerful. For every yes you put out, Life will send you more of everything you love to enjoy.

Yes is born out of trust, which is why it is so powerful. And the most powerful yes you can say is to consistently say yes to yourself. Sometimes, saying yes to yourself means saying no to others. That’s just a part of life. And even if they take it negatively, that has nothing to do with you.

The biggest yes we need to allow though, is the what our heart and spirit want us to do to fly free in the world. This rarely has anything to do with what we think we should be, do, or have, and has everything to do with what makes us ‘feel’ good about being alive.

Your heart knows what it wants to be happy in life. All the you need to do is get your head out of the way long enough to listen to it. The way to start tuning in to your heart and your real passions, joys and loves in life is to use your head to start saying yes to more things that life sends your way.

Try it for the next 24 hours. See if you can find a way to say yes to everything that life sends you. make a note in your journal about what happens during this time so you can look back on it later. Then, if you’re game, extend it to a week.

I did this for 18 months straight when I first learned about the power of yes, and all I can say is that this was by far the most fun, adventure and personal growth that I’ve ever had.

It literally took me on an adventure around the world that was more like something from a movie script than regular life. These days, I adopted the attitude of yes within me, knowing that I can always so no if it means I am saying yes to myself.

All that is required to enjoy the total richness, gifts and adventure of the present moment is to say “yes”. To say “no” is to stay stuck in a rut and remain scared of taking risks or flowing with change.