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How To Develop Your Intuition (And Why It Matters)

By July 10, 2018 Life, Personal Development
Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition 1Intuition is something all of us are born with. It can sometimes sound like a voice in your head or a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right. While intuition is hard to pin down and explain through science there’s certainly plenty of evidence that something extra sensory is going on.

I never really thought much about intuition until I started to learn to meditate. Through meditation I came to have a greater sensitivity to that part of me that was picking up on invisible signals around me.

Once I knew how to tune into it and realized just how accurate it was in leading me in the right direction in my life I was hooked. Since then, I have followed my intuition without hesitation. It’s like my best friend now and it’s helped me to make decisions that logically didn’t make sense at the time but have led me to my dream life.

I believe we all have the ability to tap into this unlimited resource and use it not only in our lives but in how we relate and interact with others.

So what exactly is intuition?

It’s the first impulse you have about something before your mind kicks in. In fact, sometimes the mind jumps in so fast with it’s opinions, reasons, doubts, fears, etc that if you’re not paying attention it gets lost in the avalanche of self-talk.

3 Steps To Developing Your Intuition

Here’s my top three ways to start allowing more intuition in your life.

1.  Learn To Trust Your Inner Knowing

The biggest key to developing your intuitive ability is to trust. Trust that first voice you hear in your head instead of pushing it aside or overriding it with reason. Sometimes, it can be as simple as a feeling in your stomach or heart that something is not right. Other times, it can look like a moment of synchronicity.

You intuition is always communicating with you and can also be felt as an impulse to do something that may not a lot of sense to you. That’s where the trust comes in. The more you trust your first impulse, thought, feeling or knowing and take action on them the more powerful your intuition will become.

2. Let Go Of The Doubting Mind

Secondly, let go of any kind of limiting thoughts and beliefs about what’s possible using your intuition. Some people believe that they need to be intelligent in order to make smart decisions, yet that is just a belief.  You have to let that belief go and understand that intuition is not the same as regular intelligence. It’s is actually a higher intelligence.

Using your intuition is allowing you to tap into what’s possible outside of what you’ve already done and thought have been created. It gives you even a higher intelligence. So step 1 is just let go of any limiting beliefs to have around using your intuition or what it means about you, any of that.

3. Connect To Your Body

It’s actually quite challenging to connect to your intuition when you are rushing around using your head all the time. Your intuition is a subtle energy that works best when you slow down and get out of your head for a moment.

That’s why things like meditation, yoga, exercise and even simple things like brushing your teeth or having a shower can help you to tune in more. It’s all about creating some space in your head so that you are more receptive to access your intuition to help with your health, finances, career and even love.