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The Gift Of Synchronicity


The phone rings moments after you’ve just thought about someone and guess who’s on the other end when you answer?  You turn left instead of right in the middle of a busy city and whom should you bump into but someone you had a dream about the other night that you haven’t seen for years.

You arrive one hour after an important meeting was due to start due to unforeseen circumstances only to find that it was delayed an hour. These experiences and millions more like them happen daily all around the world to people from all walks of life and of all ages.

So, what is this magical experience that we call synchronicity, how does it happen, why does it happen and how can we enjoy more of it in our lives? The first thing to consider is that all life is connected by a common thread and that’s energy.

Just like a television picture that is broadcast from a studio in all directions and is received by millions of television sets simultaneously, our brains are also capable of receiving thoughts, ideas and impulses simultaneously.

Thoughts travel faster than the speed of light (they actually travel at the speed of thought).  This is why it is possible for two or more individuals to have the same idea at the same time.

Synchronicity of Mind, Body & Spirit is Achievable.

You can tune into the world around you just as easily as you can tune into your favorite radio or television station.  This ‘tuning in’ is what I call synchronicity.  You can tune into your body, your heart, your spirit, your lover, your children, your life’s purpose. In fact you can tune into anything, at anytime, if you are in a receptive state of mind.

Here’s a great example of that.  Ron came to see me angry that his wife of 15 years had walked out on him ‘unexpectedly’ one day for no apparent reason and now wanted a divorce. After chatting with him for awhile the only thing I learnt was that he was feeling sorry for himself and angry with his wife.

What I didn’t hear from him is what he may have had to do with the ‘unexpected’ news.

A few days later, I was fortunate enough to speak with Ron’s wife and got a much different picture. From her point of view she had been unhappy with the relationship for quite some time.  For the past 3 years she had been constantly telling Ron that she wanted to quit her job and do something more fulfilling with her life, only it had fallen on deaf ears.

Ron’s reply had always been the same, “Don’t be silly we have a mortgage, secure jobs and bills to pay, we can’t afford to do that right now”. Then, he would refuse to talk about it any longer. But the unhappiness his wife was experiencing turned into resentment, which soon became bitterness.

His wife shared with me “One day I came home, looked around the house and felt completely empty and detached from my life there and I just knew it was time to leave”.  “So I packed my things, hopped in the car and drove away without a backward glance”.

The reason I share this story is that in life, as in love, we are always receiving signals that we either tune into or and take notice off, or block them out with whatever interference is going on in our head.

In the case of Ron and his wife, I suspect that the husband had known of his wife’s despair the very day it began, but his need for security, to be in control, and by dismissing the needs of his wife as unimportant cost him his marriage.  All that was needed to avert this catastrophe was a little awareness.

Awareness Is The Answer To Everything.

Awareness and synchronization go hand-in-hand. The more sensitive you become to your inner and outer environments, the more your awareness will increase. This will then allow for higher levels of synchronicity to occur with your work, creativity, relationships, health and any area of your life you want.

One of the best ways I know to improve all these areas is to learn to meditate.

Meditation has been one of the most profound tools for personal and professional transformation I have come across. It enables you to not only create more headspace for yourself, but it also opens up your creativity and intuition like nobody’s business.

Whatever tool you decide to use for your ever expanding awareness of who you are and what you are capable of in life, be sure to always use it for the good of others. This is how you become a powerful force for positive change wherever you go and whatever you do.