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Do You Hunger For a Better Life?

By July 30, 2015 Business, Purpose

Do you hunger for a better life? Perhaps your not happy with your work, a relationship, your finances, or even your health and fitness, and you want to take your life to the next level. Imagine waking up each day to a life that your more inspired by, more excited with, and you get to be more creative in how you live and even how you make money.

What we’re talking about here is success.

What does it take to be more successful and enjoy the life that you know you so richly desire and deserve to live? This question is one that got me thinking many years ago and is the reason why I now get paid to do what I love and wake up each day so grateful for the life I live.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I definitely struggled and failed my way to success both in business and in life. It certainly hasn’t always been easy living an entrepreneurial lifestyle especially at times like when I ran out of money, was in debt up to my eyeballs and was too proud to ask for any help.

I’ve had times where I’ve been really discouraged and felt like a total failure in business and in life as I struggled to even have enough money to eat. To compensate for that I tried working longer hours at getting my life back on track.

I went from working forty hours a week to fifty hours and still my results didn’t improve. Then I tried working eighty hours a week and still didn’t see any improvements in results. This really frustrated me as I had always believed that success was all about hard work only now I was finding out that it wasn’t.

At this point in my entrepreneurial journey I had never felt so hopeless and that I had no control over my future at all. Nothing that I did seemed to make any difference to my results or my bank balance.

The Hunger Begins

In the middle of what felt like one of the lowest moments in my life it suddenly dawned on me that if I kept doing what I was doing, that my results would probably stay the same. I knew I was a hard worker but that wasn’t getting me anywhere so I needed to figure out pretty quickly what else I could be doing.

Since that moment I felt an intense hunger for a better life burning like a fire in my belly. The first thing I realized I needed to do was get really clear on what I wanted as I’d been trying to make so many different things work in my life but I’d never really taken the time to get focused on doing just one thing properly. So I sat down with a pen and piece of paper and wrote down my life and business goals for the next three months.

What also helped turn things around for me was when I read a quote that said, “If you want to be successful at anything you need to hang around people who have already succeeded at what you want to do. So if you want to be a millionaire – then hang around Millionaires; If you want to be fit and healthy – then hang around with fit and healthy people; If you want to have great people skills – then hang around with people who have great people skills”.

It was then that I finally understood what was holding me back from success – it was me.

Once I got crystal clear about what I wanted then it became obvious that I also needed to shift my circle of influence and reach out to people who already had the success I was striving for so I could get out of my own way.

Since then, every single failure that I went through,or mistake I made, helped me to develop even more hunger and sharpened my perspective on what I needed to focus on to get where I wanted to be. They gave me the intelligence to make better decisions to help keep moving forward towards my goals and dreams.

5 Steps to Lifelong Success

Fast forward to today and I now have several successful online businesses and enjoy a lifestyle that revolves around doing what I like, when I like and where I like. I can work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and literally get to live the 4-hour work week.

The fact is that many people are still stuck in struggle and are stressed out in their everyday lives, just like I used to be. Some of them will make it through to the other side and some of them won’t, but one things for sure those that are hungry enough will be the one’s I’d put my money on.

Success never happens overnight and it is not a matter of dumb luck or any other such nonsense. Success happens to those that are ready for it, even if it looks like the odds are stacked up against them. It’s not measured by how rich, powerful or famous someone is. It’s measured by how good you get at picking yourself up off the ground, dusting yourself off and then continuing to march forward despite the obstacles that life put’s in your way.

One of the most powerful life lessons I have learned is that to thrive in business or in life you need to get really good at handling stress and pressure. The better you get at handling stress both internally and externally the stronger you’ll become mentally, physically and emotionally.

Those that don’t get good at it will always be in danger of either breaking down, or breaking apart, whereas people who learn to thrive under pressure will inevitably break through to success.

Here’s my top 5  steps to accelerate your success at whatever you want to excel at:

  1. Write down your top ten reasons why you want to get out of struggle and become a success in whatever area of your personal or professional life you want to focus on.
  2. Look at these reasons every day to continue to feed the hunger you have to succeed.
  3. Identify you biggest weakness or roadblock to success.
  4. Work on a plan to turn this into a strength or even better team up with others that are already strong in your area of weakness.
  5. Develop a powerful morning routine to get you fired up for the day.

The Power of Morning Ritual’s

The purpose of a morning routine is to start your day feeling courage, confident, energized, yet calm and relaxed, with a clear mind that’s focused and ready to take on the world. This is also the best time to choose the most important activity for the day that will yield the biggest results for you and make sure you get it done.

Each morning, ask yourself what you are grateful for and what you are excited about for the day ahead as this would get your energy levels primed for the day ahead and also put your into a positive emotional state to start the day.

Give yourself time each morning to devote to yourself and starting the day from a place of balance and power. This can include things like meditation, stretching, or anything at all that helps clear your mind and feel good about yourself in the morning.

Ideally, you’d allow an hour to do this each morning and include some body movement along with a healthy breakfast. However, if the best you can do now is five minutes – then start with that and gradually build it up  to an hour over time.

Implementing an hour of power each morning is one of the most worthwhile investments in yourself and your time that you can give to yourself. Instead of getting up each day and madly rushing around and being stressed out from the get-go, it helps to clear your mind, get really focused on what’s important and helps strengthen you against any stress that comes your way during the day.

Life really is for the fun of it, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. All too often we let our emotions overpower our reasoning and when this happens, even the smallest of problems that we’d normally shrug off with ease can seem overwhelming.

That’s why it’s so important to remember to never make a decision when you are in emotional turmoil and to only make all your decisions about your future based on intelligence that comes from a place of feeling calm and centered.

Above all remember to nourish your mind daily, nourish your body daily and nourish your spirit daily.

Now is The Best Time

The reason most people don’t succeed at anything that they want to is because they don’t tell themselves that NOW matters and they stuck stuck in the idea that ‘someday’ it’s all going to work out for them. It’s this mentality that keeps them stuck in struggle and kills their ambitions and dreams.

Tell yourself that now matters more than ever.  Figure out what you want NOW, what your willing to do to make it happen NOW, and what you’re willing to give up NOW to get it. Not tomorrow, not next week, right NOW. What you do each day from today determines if you are going to be unstoppable or stuck in struggle.

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