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How To Uncover Your Life’s Purpose

By November 3, 2014 Business, Passion, Purpose

I can honestly say for a fact that the difference between knowing and living your life’s purpose and not knowing or living it, is the difference between a life of fulfillment and a life of quiet desperation.

What Is My Life’s Purpose?

From my perspective there are 2 distinct purposes that each of us come here to live. The first is your physical purpose which is connected to your ego and what your passions and talents in life are. The second is your spiritual purpose for being here.

This can be a bit harder to get in tune with as it really requires letting go of your ego and following your heart and spirit without hesitation.

What I’m going to share now are some simple ways to help you find and live your physical life’s purpose. By doing this you will at least be on your way to perhaps one day being ready to leap into your highest destiny.

How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

The first question to ask yourself is “What am I most passionate about?”

While the answer may be obvious to some, to others this may also be a difficult question to answer as the burden of struggling to survive takes precedence in their life. To help jog your memory and get in touch with what you’d really love to be doing with your life, here’s some helpful tips.

1. Make a list of the things you loved to do as a kid, or that you really enjoy doing now. This list is about what you are most passionate about in your life. Purpose and passion are invariably intertwined.

2. Write down what you would be doing with your life if you had all the time and money in the world and you never had to worry about working again. Many people kill their dream lives because they don’t believe that it is possible for them to do what they love most and get supported financially.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, in today’s world where uniqueness and ‘standing out’ is actually a great way to get your foot in the door of the business world, the opportunities have never been greater.

Think about how much ‘You Tube’ has changed the way people share what their passions and interests are to the world. There are now thousands of people making a living doing all sorts of crazy things just using video to build a community of people that knows, likes, and trusts them.

This has launched many a successful singer, entertainer, comedian, musician, talk show host, and so the list goes on… And, it’s just one example of how social media has opened up the doors for anyone to become an instant celebrity.

3. After writing your list you are still not sure what your purpose is, then spend 10 to 20 minutes each morning doing something from one of your items on your passion list. Keep on doing one thing at a time from this list until you find the one that you can’t wait to get up each day to get started on.

Don’t Ration Your Passion

Everyone has a gift or latent talent inside them to share. From writing a book to producing a movie, to coming up with a new invention to creating a new cure for a disease, there are no limits to these gifts. No matter how small or big they may seem, your gift is simply something that when you share it brings you great joy.

The only time this doesn’t happen is when you do not believe in yourself enough to share your gift with confidence. Life is always moving to support you to do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Your opportunity is to trust and move with the energy you feel connected to from within.

Some people know what this is from a very young age. That’s when you see children on TV that can sing like and angel, or play the piano like someone whose being doing it for decades, or dance like they were born to dance. The fact is that they are already living their dream.

However, this is the exception, rather than the norm in most cases and from my observation the reason why most of us don’t have a clue about our purpose as adults is because we were never really encouraged to bring it out, let alone find out what it might be.

Let’s face it today’s education system and fast paced world rarely slows down enough to help a child unlock their hidden talents and show them how they can build a life around it. But as adults, we not only have the power to do this, it is the only thing that will truly make us feel like we have a life of meaning.

This is where a leap of faith comes in. You must act as if you are worthy of finding and living your life’s purpose even though you have no idea what it is or when it will happen. Faith to me is one of the most important of all human traits because it requires that you come from a place beyond yourself.

There are always universal laws at work whether we acknowledge them or not and by having faith in the ‘unknown’, the unknown can them become known. In other words, even if you have no idea what your purpose is right now, never give up believing that one-day it will find you.

I call this switching on your confidence in advance. You can confidently trust in yourself, or not. Confidently trusting simply means to follow your heart and your inspiration without hesitation. This is the doorway that will open up your heart and mind to living with passion and purpose.

Never be concerned about how you will make money from your passions or purpose straight away. Just keep following your heart and trust that the ‘how to’ make a living from them will be revealed to you in time.

And by revealed I mean you will have a thought or an idea one day that will suddenly make sense on how you can make a living from what you love to do.