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Is Work Destroying Your Life?

By May 19, 2020 Life, Meditation, Stress
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I used to be all about the hustle. Working long hours and making sure that I was on topis work destroying your life squared image
of everything.

Then I was all about seminars, workshops and retreats. Always doing something to keep myself busy and growing.

And yes, I got results. Then, I started to meditate and something I never expected happened.

I found the missing piece to the puzzle of my life and it was called inner peace and happiness. Not from what I was doing but from what I was being.

I see this a lot in the people. They may have an awesome work ethic and be highly productive in their work and lives and yet internally they are filled with tension.

I saw this in my parents and the tension ended up destroying my father. I saw this in my mother and she had a nervous breakdown.

It wasn’t until I found the opposite of this in myself that life started to make sense. It wasn’t all about the hustle. It wasn’t all about the work, money or things.

It was about balance or as it’s also known these days – alignment.

To give we must first be open to receive whether that’s love, time, energy, or anything at all.

And receiving is an art all on it’s own as that is not what we are taught in school or even at home.

Meditation has taught me to be open to receive. It has also taught me to relax and to have a place inside me where not even my thoughts or emotions could follow.

It opened the door for me to receive my purpose and experience happiness as a way of life.

Unresolved tension in our bodies is the biggest killer on our planet right now. It destroys your health. It destroys your energy. It destroys your flow. It destroys your wealth and it destroys your love.

Yes, we will all eventually leave this planet but until that time wouldn’t it make sense that we make it a priority to enjoy the journey of life as much as we can?