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Leaping Into The Void

By November 5, 2014 Life, Meditation

Whether you realize it or not we are mostly made up of space. Yes, we may look solid from the outside, and if you pinch your skin it feels real enough, but deep down inside the cells of your body you are made up of atoms and molecules.

Here’s where it gets real interesting, the distance between two atoms is likened to the distance between the Earth and the Sun. What’s interesting about this is that just like in the stars above, there’s nothing but space between them.

Even within an atom itself, with it’s proton’s, neutrons and electrons, these particles are ever so small and in between them is nothing but space. So anyway you look at it, from a sub-atomic level we are made up of mostly space, or what I call the ‘void’.

What Is The Void?

Over years of meditation I have come to know of a space within me that is very still, peaceful and expansive. In this space there are no thoughts occupying my mind, nor do I have any wants or needs. It is a space that is completely self contained in which nothing more is needed, yet it is empty.

Now, this may sound like mumbo jumbo to some of you and I can respect that. If someone had of told me years ago that I would be talking about my experiences of being in the void, I would have laughed until I cried. Nonetheless, for me it is now very real, and in many ways far more real than what ‘normal’ life appears.

In some religions this void is referred to as the place of ‘no-mind’, or a place where thought has stopped and awareness begins. This place, or experience, is not just for people who meditate. It happens to all of us at some time or another but the common thread is that it’s always happens spontaneously at the most random of moments.

If you’ve ever had a moment where you suddenly felt like time stood still, you felt incredibly calm and relaxed, while being intensely alert while at the same time being able to breathe deeper than you ever have before, seemingly effortlessly while being overwhelmed with love and joy – then you had a moment of being connected to your void.

How Do You Access It?

If you want to experience more of the void within you, then my recommendation would be to learn to meditate… And not any old meditation technique either. You will need to learn meditation techniques that help you consciously transcend your mind and body.

There are others ways to get there but ultimately they all require letting go of being in your head. Your ego mind does not like to let go easily, which is why meditation is a helpful tool. However, if you can find other ways to get out of your head into your heart and being, then you will find the doorway to your silent power within.