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The 6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By September 29, 2014 Business, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who knows how to take any idea and has the necessary confidence to follow through to turn it into reality.

The qualities that an entrepreneur possess that make them stand out from the crowd of wanna-be-preneur’s is that they are fast decision makers, massive action takers, innovators, leaders, risk-takers and work on themselves harder than they do on their business.

Anyone who has ever thought about starting a business knows that they are in for a marathon event. If you were thinking that you could get rich quickly with some fancy idea you have, forget about it – it’s just a pipe dream.

Unless you have tremendous tenacity and resilience to bounce back from the inevitable mistakes that can and will happen along the path of success, then living the entrepreneurial dream may not be your cup of tea.

How To Become an Entrepreneur

If you are the type of person that can follow your passion and trust your gut feeling, then you are mot likely already on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.

With that in mind here’s six essential traits that you will consistently find in successful entrepreneur’s.

1. They think beyond the mindset on an employee.

Good employees can often evolve into great entrepreneurs but for that to happen they have to have a bigger vision of themselves than just being an employee and then look for roles that will help them to break out of that mind-set.

Employees tend to follow other peoples rules and prefer to stay within their comfort zones both professionally and financially. To break free from this mind-set you need to have a bigger vision of a world that included you sharing something in the marketplace that fulfill’s a need. Ideally, this vision will come from an opportunity in a Niche that you are passionate about and that you have imagined something that fills a real need that is not currently being met.

2. They are confident in who they are.

It takes confidence to let go of the security of being an employee and then sticking your neck out to work for yourself. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is essential if you are going to make the jump from having a job and financial security to the uncertain world of being an entrepreneur where you are often found flying by the seat of your pants.

Confidence is something that can be developed and is essential to success at any level. Confidence can be gained by facing challenges and then gaining strength and belief in yourself as you overcome them.

3. They walk their talk.

It’s so easy for people to sound like they know what they are talking about or big-note themselves to others even though it may all be a figment of an overactive imagination. An entrepreneur is willing to put in the groundwork to be successful in their endeavors.

They take responsibility for getting things done and they take pride in knowing that they will handle any problem that comes their way not by trying to pass it off to someone else but instead by taking ownership over results. Because they have this focus they are able to teach others how to take charge and foster a culture of accountability in both individuals and teams.

4. They are passionate about learning.

That follow a philosophy of ‘constant and never ending improvement’ in both personal and business skills that will help them to become a better in every aspect of their business and life. They are willing to learn on the run rather than in a formal classroom setting by seeking out information, asking questions, and doing personal reading and research on whatever is relevant for their business model.

This might mean that they spend 80 hours a week on their business but it’s no big deal for them because it’s their passion. They understand that in the beginning they may be overworked, underpaid and living on the edge, but as long as they are following their true passion, then this is all they need to see them through the initial challenges.

5. They value happiness as a way of life both at work and home.

There are many ways that being an entrepreneur can bring more happiness. The first is that being your own boss can be a massive happiness catalyst. If you’ve ever worked for someone that made your life a living hell, then you know what I mean. If job satisfaction matters to you, then this characteristic is right up there.

Happiness can also come from being able to take charge of your life, set your own hours, work from home, and feel like you are doing something meaningful with your life by doing what you are truly passionate about.

6. They see life as an adventure to be enjoyed.

If you take yourself too seriously then your most likely better off staying employed. The reason is that not everything en entrepreneur does is going to work or be perfect so if you can’t handle pain, rejection, making mistakes and the pressures of being responsible for your success or failure, then it probably is not a good fit for your.

Conversely, entrepreneurs are sincere in all they do and they remain optimistic regardless of how many setbacks they face. They work on fostering a positive mindset so that they can deal with things as they happen, find a solution and then move on without needing to drag the past along with them to bog them down.

Life and business is an amazing adventure if we choose to look at it that way. Especially as an entrepreneur because you get to be creative, innovative and looking to find better ways to improve on things that already exist.

Over The Top

Above all an entrepreneur leads by example and is not afraid to take risks. Many people could easily be successful with their business ideas if they were just willing to take risks.  This is why being an entrepreneur may not be for everyone i because some people just can’t handle the insecurity of not knowing what the future holds or they get overwhelmed too easily.

If you’re sitting on the threshold trying to make up your mind whether to take the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial void then that last piece of advice I would give is that if you are the type of person that takes massive consistent action and have a ‘never-give-up’ attitude, then see you on the other-side of success!