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Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

By July 8, 2020 Relationships
don't let me be misunderstood

don't let me be misunderstood SQUAREHave you ever noticed that what you say and the intention that it was said with can often be massively misunderstood?

I wrote a post the other day about commitment and how if we are overflowing with love from within then what need is there to commit to love outside of us and boy did I get some interesting feedback. I had everything from I was wrongly promoting free love and sex to sending out the wrong message to kids.

Now, this is not about the feedback as in all truth it make me smile and I don’t take it personal anyway but it did get me to thinking how easy it is for us to receive things in ways they were not intended. How many examples can you think of, of times when you have had good intentions about something only to have it backfire on you and then you become the object of someones wrath or disdain?

It’s really interesting to note how we react in these times as really how people receive anything be it a compliment, a good deed, a gift, or even advice we might feel drawn to share, is not in our control. In fact, it’s far healthier for us to have no expectations of how anything we do will be received – ever 🙂

We all receive things according to a whole bunch of factors including mood, mindset, beliefs, any expectations we may have, how present we are and what is being triggered by what is being given.

The games we play with each other because of personality conflicts and differing opinions is very complicated and ultimately we are either open to receive unconditionally with compassion and peace or with judgment.

The human mind is so fragile, especially when it has it’s beliefs challenged.

That is how wars are started. But it’s so easy to end both the inner war and the outer war just by realizing that we don’t have to change anyone’s beliefs – just accept them.

If our intentions are pure than that has to be enough. If what we think, say or do is misread or interpreted in a way that upsets others – then so be it.

We’re not here to win friends and influence people as some clown once wrote a book about. We are here to be unapologetically ourselves and that always has to be enough.

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