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The Beauty of Gratitude

By May 10, 2020 Gratitude, Life
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I am blown away by what has just happened in the 7 Days of Mindfulness Program I the beauty of gratitude squared image
ran the past week.

People went all-in on this one as we stretched the limits of what is possible when it comes to meditating together online.

Some had breakthroughs, some received spontaneous healing, some felt like they had come home to themselves, some had tears of joy and emotional release, some manifested miracles and some transcended way beyond their mind and body to spaces they’d never been before.

In all honesty, what happens during these events has nothing to do with me. All I do is create a safe space for people to come together and then the rest is what we collectively call-in through our intentions and willingness to surrender.

What this has shown me is that so many people are ready to shed their ego layers in order to connect to a deeper truth of their being.

They are ready and willing to put aside what they think is real in order to experience what else life may have to offer beyond the human potential.

Now is a time of great expansion in our world. While it may appear to be contracting exactly the opposite is happening.

We are being called forward to step into our true alignment and choose love over fear so that the way things have been can no longer be played out for the future.

Our future truly is only limited by the depth of compassion, peace, love and abundance that we can uncover inside ourselves.

Once we open these inner doorways to our soul and beyond then what we can co-create in this world is limitless.

There is a new world arising right now both internally and externally and some will resist it while others will finally find themselves among it.

We get to choose how we move through these times and what level of support we can allow for ourselves and each other.

When we choose to support ourselves through deep inner work that connects us to the truth of our being on a daily basis, then we are choosing love over fear.

Find out what helps you to feel supported on the inside and then keep doing that.

This is how we get to live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life that we get to live on our own terms.

I am so grateful for my life and every single thing that has transpired that has led me to this moment where I get to work with such beautiful souls and serve in ways I could never have imagined.