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What I Learned While Doing Nothing


I’m a big believer in having plans and being organised. It’s served me very well in business. But I’m also a big believer in spontaneity and working things out as I go along.

Being a public speaker I had to be good at thinking on my feet. Why? Because I suck at learning scripts and doing rehearsed speeches.

This has proved to be a big plus for me as I am now very confident when I need to ‘let go’ and just trust that everything is going to work out okay even if I have no idea what the final result will be.

So what has this got to do with doing nothing? Quite a lot actually. I’m currently on a vacation in Byron Bay, Australia. If you haven’t been there or heard about it then check it out as it really is heaven on Earth.

Plenty of movie starts come here because they can blend in and don’t get fussed over because everyone is happy in their own space.

It’s the kind of place that once you arrive you just want to drop your baggage and relax into the nurturing ambience.

I’m spending quite a bit of time at the beach… swimming, yoga, meditation, chilling and the like.

This has given me plenty of time to ‘stop thinking’ and just be totally spontaneous and free with my time. As a result I have some powerful breakthroughs into what the next year is going to hold for me.

I now have direction and a vision of where I’m headed over the next 12 months – all of which came out of nowhere.

How To Tap Into Your Creative Genius Every Day

Sometimes the greatest ideas arise out of doing nothing. My guess is that when we are relaxed on the inside then we have an open channel in our mind that is not distracted by the million and one things we need to do each day.

This headspace is priceless. In fact, it’s worth having every day.

The great news is that you can have it everyday. How? By giving yourself time-out each day to be spontaneous and free from commitments and obligations.

Sure, we can’t all get to spend everyday at the beach but we sure as heck can create the space in our home or somewhere to relax deeply on the inside and let your mind be free to go where it will.

All it takes is just 20 minutes of your time each day to make this part of your daily rituals.

To me, this is probably the most important way to spend your time that you can give to yourself because it will enable you to tap into your deepest levels of creative genius.