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What is Real Self-Love?

By July 22, 2020 Love

what is real self love?I am insanely committed to empowering others to step back from fear and suffering and step into a more present & joy filled life and tapping into the source of your self-love is the key.

Self-love is crucial because your external world will reflect how you feel about yourself. Self-love also gives you a safety net to take risks and go after your dreams, because you know that no matter what the outcome, you’ll be OK — your self-worth is not on the line. The problem is, many of the teachings on self-love can be surface-level only.

Yes, it’s great to be able to look in the mirror and embrace your flaws, but real self-love is about so much more than that. What’s really needed is to know the secret to real self-love and how to connect with it.

Real self-love is about claiming your right to an abundant, love-filled, joyful, adventurous and fulfilling life. It’s also about embracing who you are at the deepest level and having the courage to show up as your authentic self, never worrying about what others may think. Without real self-love in our lives we continue to walk around believing we are the walking wounded and that deep down inside we don’t deserve to be loved.

Well, it’s time to free ourselves from these delusions and truly heal our lives from the inside-out. Real self-love is about embracing who you are and accepting yourself fully. Most people struggle with this is anytime a shadow arises in their life they try to avoid it or get rid of it. That’s not how we love ourselves. That’s how we allow fear to be more important than love.

Real self-love is also about knowing that the source of your love is you. It comes from an ocean of love that is deep inside your spiritual heart where only love exists.

This love knows no fear and can never run out. Most of us are trying to fill our cup of love up from the outside in by doing things to take care of ourselves.

Now, this is a good thing but it is not love – it is self-care. Self-love is also not about liking what we see in the mirror as that is just about how we see ourselves through the lens of our mind.

Real self-love is divine in nature and cannot be understood by the ego. It is where we are nourished from the inside out and any thoughts or feelings of good or bad, right or wrong vanish into the nothingness from which they came.

The simplest way to access this unconditional and universal love is to quiet the mind and be still for a moment.

The moment you do you will feel real self-love wash over you. Then, you know you have arrived home and that the love you have for yourself is so deep that it will never stop overflowing.