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You Are Perfect As You Are

By July 29, 2020 Personal Development
You are perfect as you are

You are perfect as you are SQUAREWhat if we realized that the very thing we are trying to fix about ourselves is just a part of us that we are judging instead of accepting? Imagine for a moment if we had unconditional acceptance for all we say and do would it not follow that there would be no need to improve upon anything?

If we can accept ourselves, then we can accept anything. But if we reject ourselves then we are also rejecting life. To get to this space though we would need to also accept that nothing is separate from us and everything is connected. Our conditioning has taught us not to accept ourselves and therefore we have to be fixed or improved. All this does is create anxiety within us and a deep sense of unease.

The way back to be at ease with ourselves and existence is to recognize that our life automatically improves when we accept who we are. How strange it is that we think we need to improve because at some level we believe we are not okay as we are.

When, in reality, we are perfect as we are and the sooner we accept this sooner our life improves.