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Successful Relationship Tips For Men and Women

By September 22, 2015 Business, Success
Successful Relationship Tips For Men and Women Featured

Successful Relationship Tips For Men and Women
Let’s face it, how many of us wouldn’t like to know some successful relationship tips to keep the happiness, love and intimacy alive?

Most of us want our relationships to last, yet statistically the odds are against us as statistics reveal that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. And it’s not just marriages that break down. Why is it that such a high percentage of relationships fail and what can we do to help our relationships thrive and stay alive?

When To Leave A Relationship

Before we get into some of the ways to improve relationships, lets look at when it might be time to leave a relationship. Obviously, not every relationship is going to be a perfect match, so there are going to be times that it might be prudent to end the relationship sooner rather than later.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself this question, “Do I love my partner”, and be brutally honest about the answer. Love NEVER looks like abuse, disrespect, or physically or emotionally unavailable to them. If the answer is ‘no’, then it’s time to leave. If the answer is ‘yes’, but you are not happy together, then it’s still worth fighting for.

The other thing to mention here is that in many relationships the disconnection that gets experienced between two people can also be a timing issue. The timing I’m talking about here is a matter of emotionally maturity. Some people mature sooner than others and if one person is more secure in who they are than the other, then this can result in disharmony.

People who are more self-aware tend to be happier within themselves than those that ‘need’ another person in their life to feel good about themselves. When two such people get together, then this can also be a recipe for disaster as resentment can quickly mount when both people do not get their individual needs met.

As a general rule of thumb if you are not happy with your life being by yourself, then getting into a relationship to try and find your happiness is never going to work. The reason is because then you are putting the responsibility for your happiness in the hands of another human being… and when they don’t make you feel happy, you blame them for your misery.

This is a recipe for a toxic relationship that is doomed to fail. Then, when you get two people who are both looking for love and happiness in their life from outside of them, in the form of the ‘perfect’ mate, then there’s even less chance that they will have a deeply intimate and connected relationship.

Really, the time to leave a relationship is when you identify within yourself that you are no longer willing to accept your partner for who they are and to give love to them unconditionally without ever expecting to get anything in return. This may sound a little strange to some, but it’ll make more sense as you watch the video below.

Simple Ways To Improve a Relationship Video

Well, how did you do? Did the video help you to have a better idea of what steps you can take towards being more successful in your relationships starting today? Relationships really are meant to help us enjoy a richer and fuller life by partnering with someone that helps us to get to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

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